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Patreon: p455w0rd



Huge shout out to BrockWS  for all of the love and help on this project


Basically this is a tiered /dev/null coded from scratch. The tier 1 (Redstone)  /dank/null can hold up to two stacks per slot and contains 9 slots. As with the OpenBlocks /dev/null items will be picked up and voided past the maximum stack size. The max tier /dank/null (Emerald) contains 54 slots and can hold up to 2.14 billion of an item type per stack. I've also created a /dank/null Docking Station for easy automated removal of items.


If you find bugs, the correct place to report them is on the issue tracker.




It's an OpenBlocks whaaa?

In Minecraft 1.7.10 there was an amazing mod full of tiny utilities called OpenBlocks. Many of it's features have now been ported in some shape or form and this is my take on the classic "/dev/null" item.


The /dev/null was an item which consisted of a gui and a single slot. A player could filter any stackable item to this slot and when a player walked over matching items on the ground, they would be placed in the slot of the /dev/null rather than cluttering the players' inventory. That's until the item reached its maximum stack size at which point all items thereafter are voided (deleted). It comes in especially handy on manual mining missions.


***Alt+Left-Clicking on a filtered item while in a /dank/null GUI will set that item as the selected item for that /dank/null.***


***Control+Left-Clicking on a filtered item while in a /dank/null GUI will change that item's extraction mode***