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I just went ahead and added all the features that I wished were in the base game into one mod.  So just a ton of random items and changes that have no consistent theme other than I thought they would be fun. (Inspired in part by Quark, Extra Utilities, Random Things).  

There are MANY MANY new items and blocks not shown here or in the gallery.  



Absolutely everything can be disabled in the config file. Make an Issue ticket. 



1.14.4 versions: Early alpha releases are all that exist right now.  This is a total rebuild from the ground up. so these releases will start very small and will update a few items at a time.  Not ALL features from 1.12 will exist in 1.14.  What features should come to 1.14 next, let me know! (Some features are easier than others so no promises)



See the 1.3.0 changelog for more details

Basically, there are some config entries that were removed for various reasons

  • Didn't fit with theme of the mod
  • Conflicted with other mods that do the same thing better
  • Were features that people didnt expect from a mod that adds tons of items/blocks
  • features that were often turned off
  • features that needed better and more fleshed out config system to be useful

The main things are

  1. I had some features adding and changing mob spawning (such as iron golems in jungle, Snowmen in ice plains, cave spiders in roofed forest, etc), if you need features like this I suggest instead using In Control
  2. I  had some ocean clay world generation, if you want this I suggest instead using the Ocean Floor mod
  3. I added and changed a bunch of loot tables (such as bats dropping leather, silverfish droping iron, etc) but that has been removed as well, if you need features like this I suggest updating vanilla loot tables OR use the Loot Tables mod

Screenshots and some videos inside the spoiler tags

Merchant Almanac

Pattern Replicator



 Slime Pads: launch up any entity that lands on it.  Can be upgraded.




Cyclic Scepter: A Tool for long range building - The mod is named after this item.

 Automatic Fishing Net

Password Trigger - for wireless redstone

 Piston Scepter - Push pull and rotate blocks.  It even pushes chests and keeps their inventory.

 Brewable Potions of Resistance, Haste, Health Boost, Luck, Waterwalk, Levitation, Magnet, Ender Aura, and Slowfall 

 Emerald Apple to cure villagers and unlock any 'X'd out trades

Unlockable Survival inventory tabs

Ender Wings

 Water Charm

Not as good as water breathing potions in the log term, but decent for emergencies.

 A sack that transports blocks with inventory (such as chests) with their contents

 A machine that reverses crafting

 A machine that builds simple structures over time - circles and walls



Example of one of the many config pages

Ender Book to save waypoints and teleport back to where you have already been (same dimension) 

Void Charm - Safe in any dimension

 Sailor Charm - faster boat travel

Fire Charm 

Not as cost effective or long lasting as potions, but good in an emergency since it applies automatically.

 Three different Scythes to harvest large areas.  The Garden Scythe replants crops for you.

 World Generation changes

Each of these features can be disabled in the config file individually

  • Generate clay, sand, and dirt in the ocean instead of only gravel (like the old days)
  • Generate ore in netherrack (lapis, emerald, gold, coal, diamond). The gold gives nuggets when mined
  • Generate ore in the end (lapis, emerald, redstone, coal, diamond)
  • Vanilla emerald ore now can spawn at any height, not only below the ground [still only in the Extreme Hills biomes as normal]
  • Vanilla gold ore can spawn in and river biomes at any height
  • Vanilla ores of all kinds can rarely spawn at all world heights, but only in veins of size one. Great for amplified
  • Crops spawn randomly with nature. Carrots in extreme hills, wheat in plains, beetroot in forests, potatoes in taiga.

 Magic Bean - gives a random mystery item when harvested.

 Slime Conveyor

 Note on the Optional unbreakable spawners feature (not enabled by default, so breakable as vanilla):

You must turn this off on both client side AND server side to make spawners breakable again - and of course restart the server and clients. (totally compatible with roguelike dungeons too.  Thanks to t3f with the github ticket and darkphan on twitch for helping figure this out.)

In the current version of the mod, this DEFAULTS to false, meaning the default setting is spawners ARE breakable just like vanilla, but the feature is still there if you want it



Other stuff includes:

  • Emerald armor & tools that are weaker than diamond, but stronger than iron
  • Sandstone Tools : strength/durability is between Wood and Stone
  • Wireless Redstone using a password system
  • New enchantments: Double Jump, Venom, Magnet
  • Projectiles, such as fire, lightning, water, explosions
  • Dungeon finder that works like the ender eye but finds the closest spawner
  • Special carrots to upgrade horses - speed health and jump
  • Ender Orb - A reuseable ender pearl
  • Ender Wings - teleport to your bed spawn or worldspawn
  • Chorus based food that lets you phase through walls
  • Expanded player inventory and 3x3 crafting (eat special food to unlock)
  • Editing signs with your bare hand
  • Faster ladder climbing (Look up and stop holding forward)
  • Unbreakable spawners (turned off by default)
  • More items burnable as fuel
  • Ore spawns in the nether and end
  • Open chests right through signs 
  • Generate gold in rivers
  • Generate crops in certain biomes
  • Ender pearls work on horseback - your mount comes with you
  • Heart container item to increase your health
  • 2 new villager types added with new trades - Sage and Druid

There is more stuff i haven't had time to write about.  I have lots of ideas for more features too!


Tech Talk - 3rd party tools used

Sound effects made with BFXR

Some models made with the help of Crayfish Model Creator

Coded using Minecraft Forge API, using Eclipse and Gradle
Textures created with

 Open Source Shoutouts!

In the spirit of open source, thanking those other mods where I have used a tiny piece of code from them within Cyclic

 Tutorials / Guides / Reference Shoutouts!

 Direct Code Contributions Shoutouts


Sound effects:

Ithronyar has done lots for Cyclic including both models and sounds, for example


Doorbell sound credits:
 License: Attribution 3.0
 Recorded by Mike Koenig



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Optional compatibility with Baubles Mod 



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Go for it!


Please report any bugs / problems / suggestions to the github Issue Tracker .


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