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This mod adds a large variety of unrelated items, tools, machines, enchantments, and a few potions.


For learning the mod, we suggest installing the mod Patchouli and checking out the Cyclic Guide Book item (in 1.16+).


For 1.12, there is a similar guide book written in Guide API


Minecraft 1.12  --- Sample config here

Minecraft 1.16 --- Sample config here


Minecraft 1.12 Crafttweaker Examples




Files marked as "1.16.5" require a minimum Forge  1.16.4-35.1.22



Tech Talk - 3rd party tools used

Sound effects made with BFXR

Some models made with the help of Crayfish Model Creator

Coded using Minecraft Forge API, using Eclipse and Gradle
Textures created with

 Open Source Shoutouts!

In the spirit of open source, thanking those other mods where I have used a tiny piece of code from them within Cyclic

 Tutorials / Guides / Reference Shoutouts!




Sound attribution

Doorbell sound credits:
 License: Attribution 3.0
 Recorded by Mike Koenig



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