Extra Alchemy

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1.12.2 Magma servers are incompatible with this mod, using them breaks ring crafting and may create other issues

Extra Alchemy

This mod aims to enlarge minecraft brewing system with more useful potions. To get the potions recipes in-game use a tool like JEI.

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The potion glint removal has been moved to its own standalone mod: NoMoreGlowingPots


Different versions depend on different libraries. Select the file you want, and look at the bottom of the page, everything listed as a "Required dependency" will be necessary for that jar to work.
Builds for fabric depend on a reasonably recent version of Fabric API.
Builds for 1.12 depend on the latest Minerva Library.

Potions and Recipes

Every single potion recipe can be individually disabled in the config file.
All potions in this mod are brewed in the vanilla Brewing Stand with vanilla items and have the standard splash, lingering and arrow variants; some of them may also have redstone and glowstone enhancements.
Not all potions are available in fabric yet. I'm slowly working on it, don't worry!

Combining/Splitting Potions (Still not ported to 1.14+)

I honestly love my Magnetism II potion, the only downside is that i have to constantly drink it. I fixed that. Combining any drinkable or vial potion in a 3x3 crafting grid with a slimeball in the center slot will allow you to craft a Mixed Potion with the effect of the combined potions while adding their duration together. For obvious reasons, mixing is only possible between identical potions, with the same duration and amplifier. Also note that modifing a mixed potion with gunpowder, dragon breath or arrows will not work. This option can be turned off in the config, but it will only remove the crafting recipe and JEI description, any existing mixed potion will still work as intended.
It is also possible to split them, by surrounding one drinkable potion with glass bottles or a splash/vial potion with empty vials. To perform the split, take out from the crafting grid result slot the empty bottle/vial. Again, modifying them in a brewing stand won't work.

Brewing Stand Tweak

There are two kind of people in this world, those who like the blaze powder requirement for brewing stands, and those who don't. I belong to the latter. A config now allows brewing stands to be powered by a fire underneath, or really anything made of fire/lava material. It is kinda slow, but I feel like it is a good compromise for fuel, it makes so much more sense to me. Note that blaze powder will still work, this is just an alternative. The option can be turned off in the config.
In 1.15+ versions, heat sources and conductive materials can be specified through the tags extraalchemy:heat_source and extraalchemy:heat_conductor.


Vials are my version of a stackable potion system. Craft a potion with an empty vial to get a vial of the potion, or right click an empty vial to fill with the first potion found in your inventory. Vials apply the effect on the player immediately and can be stacked up to 16. To craft an empty vial make the same recipe of a glass bottle in the bottom rows and put a flint in the top-center slot.

Potion Bag

The potion bag is a handy way to carry around your potions. You can store any drinkable brew inside, and select one type to have quick access to. To access the bag interface shift-right click the bag. Using a simple right click will administer the potion, or it will select the next available type when you run out of the selected one.
In 1.15+ versions a keybind can be used while holding a bag to decide what happens when a potion runs out: deselect everything, select next potion, or keep unavailable potion selected.
Since version 1.3.1 you can also dye them like leather armor! (They should retain their settings and inventory in doing so, too)

Potion Rings

The potion rings are a way to have a semi-persistent potion effect. Combine an empty ring with any valid vanilla potion to get the corresponding ring.
This feature can be disabled or configured through the config file.
This mechanic is slightly different in fabric/forge versions:

The ring will apply the potion over time to the wearer at the cost of a flat amount of XP, with higher level potions requiring exponentially more XP.
You can specify new potions to have in ring form by adding them, one per line, to the appropriate file generated in the config folder.
There is currently no data-driven way to disable existing rings.
Some potions will also stop being renewed automatically when not in use, like photosynthesis when not exposed to sun and magnetism when toggled off. If you have Baubles installed, every ring will work in a ring slot! And in that case I highly suggest my other mod, Bring Me The Rings!, to add a few more native ring slots for every player to enjoy!

The ring will apply the potion over time to the wearer, and every available potion is customized to allow different xp costs for more powerful potions.
Every potion also has a customized duration when applied, and XP cost and renewal time can be defined separatedly (aka: no more flashing night vision potion, as the renewal time is at 18s, making the potion go from 36s to 18s, instead of waiting for it to go all the way to 0).
New potions with custom XP cost, level, duration and renewal time can be defined through the vanilla recipe system which is automatically fetched from the server on connection. Example.
Using the same name of a mod-defined json, and setting the output to be a "useless potion" (water/awkward/mundane/thick...) will disable that ring.
A step by step tutorial on how to add them is available on the discord server. just type "!rings" in the #extraalchemy channel.
Support for Curios is available since version 1.4.0.

Bug Support

1) Install the latest available version for your minecraft version and try again
2) If the bug still persist, open a new issue on Github
3) Don't report bugs in the comments. It's useless, we both waste time as the bug won't be fixed.

Will you port to...?

Currently supported versions:

1.15.x and before: Dropped
1.16.x: Supported
1.17: Supported

Modpack policy

You can distribute modpacks with this installed, even outside of curseforge, but you can not distribute the jar alone.
If you want to directly link to the file, please, do not link to a specific file but to the latest build. If you link to a specific file your users won't receive the proper updates and report bugs fixed ages ago. Please, don't do this.

At the current time, multiple websites are violating this policy, so if you downloaded the mod from them or you visualized their ad-gates, you are actively supporting this practice; please, try to access the files from the original source.
Just to mention a few that you should avoid:

  • minecraft-forum.net
  • 9minecraft.net
  • ign.com
  • 8minecraft.com
  • 9minecraft-mods.blogspot.it
  • minecraft-inside.ru

Read more here! (You can also download and install a browser plugin from this link, it will help you block malicious sites)

Thanks to Vazkii and wiiv for kindly providing the textures for the potion effects, and to she_is_long for reworking all of them (+ item textures) to the new Minecraft art style! <3