Industrial Village


Industrial Village is a tech-based colony-managing modpack centered around the Immersive Engineering and Minecolonies mods. It offers a progressive gameplay experience where players start by gathering flint to craft their first pickaxe and gradually advance to building complex and immersive multiblock machines and thriving self-sufficient colonies.

Some notable features include:

  • Immersive Engineering: The modpack heavily focuses on the Immersive Engineering mod, which introduces a wide range of technological elements and machines. Players can utilize waterwheels, windmills, an excavator with a large rotating bucket wheel, hanging powerlines, diesel generators and handheld mining drills to create advanced machinery.
  • Advanced Technologies: As you delve deeper into the modpack, you will discover the power of Pneumatic systems that will allow you to utilize compressed air to power various machines and devices. You will have the ability to build and launch rockets, explore other planets and uncover new resources and challenges in the vastness of space; create controlled environments to spawn and farm mobs automatically, providing a convenient source of resources and experience. To protect your base you can make use of a modular forcefield system. This technology allows for the creation of customizable forcefields that can defend against unauthorized entry, projectiles, and other threats.
  • Rule your colony: In MineColonies, you have the opportunity to establish your own colony and exert control over its citizens. Your citizens will follow your instructions to construct buildings, gather resources, and upgrade existing structures. As the leader, you will have the power to plan and command their actions, shaping the development of your colony according to your desires.
  • Expanded Gameplay: Industrial Village goes beyond technology by offering a variety of additions in different aspects of the game. It includes extra building blocks, allowing creative architects to construct intricate and unique structures. Players can also find additional food options, new seeds, and various options for decoration.
  • Exploration and Secrets: While the pack focuses on technology, exploration remains an integral part of the gameplay. Players are encouraged to venture into the world and discover secret hidden features, structures, and potentially even new dimensions. This adds an exciting element of discovery to the modpack.

🏘️ Manage (Colonies, backpacks, storage organization)

  • Create your own colony with Minecolonies mod. The mod provides the ability to create a unique Colony with many many inhabitants and a lot of building styles. With very simple planning tool you can preview and plan every building, roads and decorations before your citizens will build it;
  • carry more resources with sophisticated backpacks;
  • manage your storage with drawers, racks and advanced chests, barrels and digital storage later;

🏭 Technology (immersive machines for basic resource processing, farming)

  • An in-depth tech tree, allowing for extensive gameplay and sprawling factories;
  • unique, immersive and aesthetic immersive machinery
  • modular tools and weapons;
  • simple yet immersive cooking system
  • conveyor belts and hanging powerlines
  • harness the power of Pneumatics
  • rockets and space

🧱 Building (decorative blocks, furniture, roofs, windows and additions)

  • Use new building materials to unleash your creative powers;
  • decorate your buildings with new furniture, lights, windows, roofs, paintings;
  • coverable blocks (namely frames and illusion blocks), that take on the texture of the block they contain.
  • new look of old blocks with Chipped mod

🗺️ Exploration (roleplay, new structures, biomes, dungeons)

  • quest-based progression system with rewards and explanations about some mechanics;
  • enhanced dungeons and structures;
  • overhauled terrain generation to explore;
  • carefully handpicked and filtered mods. You won't be overhelmed with same features from different mods but you will have everything you need;
  • option to add your favourite mods without breaking anything; 

This pack is definitely for you if you want:

  • to get familiar with modded Minecraft;
  • not kitchensink pack. There are almost no content overlapping. Less mods - more performance;
  • to get guided through the pack with help of quests and written guide;
  • pack focused only on Technology oriented mods;
  • close to vanilla experience;
  • to chill after hardcore or challenging packs;
  • balanced pack in terms of performance and gameplay.
  • only tech mods. No magic mods included.

Overall, Industrial Village provides a comprehensive tech-based modpack experience. It allows players to progress from basic tools to complex machinery, while also offering additional content in various areas of the game. The modpack strikes a balance between technology and exploration, ensuring that players can enjoy both aspects of gameplay.


as of IV-1.20 - 1.4