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Greetings, wizards! Are you looking for a magic mod for Minecraft, but don't want the hassle that comes with many of the magic mods out there? Do you want to freeze skeletons solid, engulf zombies in slime, and pull creepers into an interdimensional vortex? Do you just want a cool hat to wear?

Then allow me to present to you...

 Wizardry isn't like most magic mods. It has very few crafting recipes and no complex constructions - instead, you progress by exploring and fighting. Find spell books, wands and scrolls! Visit fellow wizards and buy rare magical items! Explore ancient ruins in search of rare and powerful artefacts! Master the arcane and collect every single spell!

...actually, that last one might take you a while - there are currently 172 spells in wizardry and counting, and each of them is totally unique! If that's not enough spells for you, the mod is designed for more spells to easily be added via add-on mods, or as I like to call them, spell packs. See below for a list of currently available spell packs, or, if you know how to program a Forge mod, you can even add your own!

As well as finding new spells, there is a world of upgrades, wands, armour and special items to explore - but I'll let you discover that for yourself...

To get started, you'll need to find a magic crystal (hint: you can mine them, but there is a quicker way to find one). Craft this with a book and you'll get your very own wizard's handbook, which will tell you everything you need to know.


[English | 1.12.2] If you're familiar with the Minecraft Youtube scene, BeckBroJack will need no introduction! Here's just one of his videos on Wizardry - see the spoiler below for more...

[English | 1.7.10] Great mod showcase by Rayne giving a nice overview of the mod, along with a selection of spells, leaving the rest for you to discover for yourself!

More videos + other languages:

[English | 1.12.2] More videos by BeckBroJack:

[English | 1.12.2] For a closer look at wizardry's early-game, here's part of a modpack series by Ector Vynk:

[French/Français | 1.12.2] Un vidéo pour les joueurs français, par AznDarkproduction / A video for French players, by AznDarkproduction:

[German/Deutsch | 1.7.10] Very detailed and comprehensive mod spotlight in three parts (part 1 shown here).

[Russian/русский |1.7.10] A mod spotlight in Russian, by Семейный Gameplay:

Many thanks to all the youtubers who have made videos featuring Wizardry!

FAQs (Please read these before commenting or reporting a bug)

Q: "Can I use this mod in my modpack?"

A: Of course you can! If you release a modpack containing Wizardry, please credit me (Electroblob) and provide a link to this page, as per the license.

Q: [1.7.10] I installed Custom NPCs/Ars Magica 2 and the game crashed!

A: Go into Wizardry's config file (or Custom NPCs' config file, either will work) and change the enchantment IDs. Please do not pester me about it!

Q: I got a crash report when loading the game:

<span style="font-family: 'trebuchet ms', geneva, sans-serif;">The game crashed whilst initializing game
Error: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: net.minecraftforge.registries.IForgeRegistry.getValuesCollection()Ljava/util/Collection;</span>

A: Update your Forge version to build 2611 or newer.

Q: Is this mod compatible with X?

A: Almost certainly yes. Yep, even other magic mods (in fact, that makes absolutely no difference). Please only ask me about compatibility if something went wrong!

Q: Can I retrogen the structures into an existing world?

A: Yes, this should work fine.

Q: How do I use the transportation spell?

A: See the wiki page.

Q: "I disabled a spell in the config, but the book is still there!"

A: This is intentional. Spell books use their metadata to specify which spell they are. When you disable a spell, the book stays there to prevent all the existing spell books from changing their spells. Don't worry, the book won't be obtainable in survival mode while the spell is disabled (unless it's already been generated), and you won't be able to cast the spell either.

Q: "How do I get spell books? Nothing has a crafting recipe!"
A: You have to find them! Mobs will drop them as rare loot, you can find them in dungeon chests and you can buy them from wizards, who spawn in randomly generated towers. I recommend playing wizardry alongside a mod that adds dungeons, so that there are more places to find spell books.

Q: What does [insert spell here] do?

A: Some of the spell descriptions are intentionally vague. If you're stuck, check out the list of spells.

Q: "The spell HUD is in the way of a HUD from another mod!"
A: There's a config option to change the position of the spell HUD. Click on 'mods' from the main menu, find Electroblob's Wizardry in the list and click configure. The option 'Spell HUD Position' is the one you want. Alternatively, edit the config file manually with a text editor.

Q: "The crafting recipe for the blank scroll conflicts with one from another mod!"
A: If you're using 1.12.2, you can change the recipe with a resource pack (I recommend adding a magic crystal to guarantee uniqueness). In earlier versions, there's an alternative recipe that can be enabled in the config, which requires a magic crystal. Click on 'mods' from the main menu, find Wizardry in the list and click configure. The option 'Use Alternate Scroll Recipe' is the one you want. Alternatively, edit the config file manually with a text editor.

Q: "The game crashed! Please help!"
A: You've probably heard this loads of times before, but please post your crash report, preferably using the issue tracker. I can then look at it and decide if it's a bug with the mod or not. If it is, well spotted! I will happily fix it for you. However, it may be a mod compatibility issue, in which case a fix is much more difficult - I will still give it a look though. If it happened because of a specific spell, I suggest disabling that spell for the time being, which can be done via the config. Please also make sure you have the latest version of the mod for the game version you are using - if you complain about a bug I've already fixed in a later version, I'm not going to help you!

Q: "I have an idea for a spell. Can you add it?"
A: Please put it in the comments! I'm always on the lookout for good ideas. If I think it's good enough and fits with how I want the mod (and is something I can program!), I might add it. If not, someone might see it and decide to put it in a spell pack. Alternatively, if you know how to program a mod you can add it yourself - see the addon development tutorials for details on how to do this.

Q: "When will you update this mod?"
A: Please be patient - I develop this mod single-handedly and for the fun of it, and I've released it so the community can enjoy it as well as me. I am working on new features and release patches periodically to fix issues. I don't have the time to work on these things constantly, but please don't think the mod is abandoned if I haven't updated it in a while!

Q: Can you make a version for Minecraft 1.8/1.9?

A: No, sorry.

Q: "Does this mod collect any data/have an update checker?"
A: No.


As it says in the FAQ, you are allowed to include wizardry in a modpack, so long as you credit me and provide a link to this page.

You are also allowed to make videos featuring/showcasing/reviewing wizardry - in fact, I encourage you to do so! If you do make a video, it would be nice if you put a link to it in the comments so I can include it in the mod's description. Please also put a link to this page in the video description so that viewers can download the mod.

You may run a server with wizardry installed, and you may make money from such a server through adverts, paid ranks, donations etc., provided that you do not sell content from the mod (such as selling spell books) or sell access to content from the mod.

You may not re-post wizardry anywhere, modified or otherwise, without explicit written permission from me (Electroblob). If you wish to post the mod on a forum or repository for another country, please ask me first.

You may not distribute the deobfuscated or source versions of Wizardry in any way. They are strictly for mod development purposes only, and do not come under the same licence as the mod itself. It is not necessary to include any of Wizardry's code or assets in a spell pack; if you have, you're doing it wrong!

CurseForge, mods.curse.com and the Minecraft forum are currently the only authorised pages for this mod and the only pages for which I am responsible. All three pages link to the same download on CurseForge. I kindly ask that you do not download wizardry from any other website, since doing so does not support me as the mod author and downloads from such websites may be harmful to your computer. For more information and a list of websites known to repost mods without permission, go to http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/mods-discussion/2314237-list-of-sites-stealing-minecraft-content.

You may not make money off of wizardry in any way unless explicitly stated above, be it via an adf.ly link or otherwise. I will never give permission for this to happen, and I will never put the mod behind a URL shortener myself either.

If you are unsure about anything permission-related, please ask.


Electroblob's Wizardry

A modification for Minecraft by Mojang AB

Designed, coded and textured by Electroblob

Thanks to Minecraft Forge and MCP, without which this mod would not have been possible.

Thanks also to the Minecraft modding community, which always has an answer to my modding problems!

In addition, I'd like to thank the following individuals for their contributions to the mod:


- Corail31
- 12foo
- Shadows-of-Fire
- HellFirePvP
- Tora-B
- Avatair
- Aeronica


- Spanish and Mexican Spanish: MadWrist
- Russian: VilagVil, kellixon
- French: Hahdrim
- Brazilian Portuguese: lorrampi
- Chinese: ZHENGLOC, dragon-evol
- Korean: shejery, rewi_wire
- Polish: Trozuu

Lightning ray sound effect from OhhWowProductions

Spell Packs! (And other addons...)

Official spell packs, made by Electroblob:

None yet... watch this space!


Community spell packs and addons, made by fans of the mod:

[1.12.2] Arcane Essentials by FavouriteDragon - Adds a bunch of new spells, with plans to add new spell-casting items in the future

[1.12.2] Extra Spells by Meldexun - Adds loads of new spells to the game, many of which are based on potion effects from Extra Alchemy and Potion Core

[1.12.2] Magic Seeds for Electroblob's Wizardry by thetornadotitan - Adds a magic crystal crop that you can farm for crystals

[1.12.2] dotHack Weapon Models by AzureZhen79815 - Adds fancy weapon models including wizardry's wands

[1.7.10] Art's Effects Spell Pack by artsiclereal - Adds a handful of new spells for your collection


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