AtomicStryker's Infernal Mobs


This mod randomly imbues spawning Living Things in the World with Diablo-style random Enchantments, making them much harder and much more rewarding to kill.

They also drop the quadruple amount of xp and a random enchanted item.


List of mods and what they do, as of 1.1.9

1UP - Mob heals fully, once, upon getting low
Alchimist - throws Potions at you
Berserk - Mob deals double damage, but hurts itself on attacking
Blastoff - Tosses Players into the air
Bulwark - Mob has 50% damage resistance
Choke - Drown on land, hit Mob to breathe for a moment
Cloaking - Invisibility Potion effect on Mob
Darkness - Blindness Potion effect on Player
Ender - can teleport dodge attacks, reflecting damage on the Player
Exhaust - Exhaust Potion effect on Player
Fiery - sets Player on Fire
Ghastly - shoots Fireballs
Gravity - knocks back or pulls Players
Lifesteal - heals from attacking
Ninja - can teleport dodge attacks, reflecting damage on the Player
Poisonous - poisons Player
Quicksand - Slow Potion effect on Player
Regen - heals Health back
Rust - causes high amounts of wear on weapons and armour when fought
Sapper - Hunger Potion effect on Player
Sprint - high movement speed bursts
Sticky - can snatch Items the Player attacks them with
Storm - calls down Lightning
Unyielding - immunity to knockback
Vengeance - reflects a portion of all damage done
Weakness - Weakness Potion effect on Player
Webber - spawns Webs at the Players legs
Wither - Wither effect

Changelog is included in every download.



Config values are for consecutive difficulties, and they depend on each other

elite -> ultra -> infernal

Only an elite will be considered for ultra rolls, only an ultra will be considered for infernal rolls

config values are "one in x".

Math example:

elite: 10, ultra: 5, infernal: 3

One in 10 mobs gets elite = 10% total chance

One in 5 elites gets ultra; 0.1 * 0.2 = 2% total chance

One in 3 ultras gets infernal; 0.02 * 0.33 = 0.66% total chance

Difficulty determines total amount of modifiers on mob, health buff on mob, and drop quality


The config has json lists of dropped items for each tier. Each item has the same weight/chance to appear, you can add duplicates in the list for a higher chance.