Crimson Revelations

3,033,119 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 16, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2   +1

Delve deeper into the Crimson Rites and uncover the secrets of the Crimson Cult. Craft their signature banner and armor, and discover how to recreate things spoken of only in their legends: Ancient Stone, Crimson Praetor Armor, and more!


Currently, this mod adds crafting recipes for the Crimson Cult banner, all Crimson Cult armor, three types of Ancient Stone (the basic kind as well as tiles and glyphs), the Crimson Blade, and an Eldritch Crab spawn egg since they can't be encountered normally in the current version of Thaumcraft. It also adds Erythurgy, a form of alchemy making use of large quantities of Perditio and Ordo to break down certain items, and a quartz cluster purification recipe.


Eldritch Stone and various tainted mobs are not currently included in this mod - I personally play with and highly recommend Thaumic Augmentation, which does add those.


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