Bonsai Trees 2

30,445,604 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 2, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

BonsaiTrees 2 🌳 🌴 🌲

A Minecraft mod adding a block that grows small trees in two block spaces.


Here's a good spotlight for an older version of the mod that did not include the soil mechanics yet.


Here's a good spotlight for a more recent version of the mod that includes the soil mechanic. This is on 1.12.2.


How to get started

  • Craft a Bonsai Pot and place it somewhere with at least one block of air above it
  • Find some soil to use in your pot. Dirt will do for now. Right-click it on the Bonsai Pot.
  • Get a compatible sapling and right-click it on the Bonsai Pot
  • Watch it grow.
  • You can then optionally harvest the tree by right clicking it with an axe or breaking the block. The Bonsai Pot itself only breaks when there is no sapling growing at the moment.
  • You can also upgrade your Bonsai Pot to a Hopping Bonsai Pot which automatically drops the items into inventories below the Pot. This might be disabled in the config though!
  • Use dyes to color your pot. Just right-click the pot while holding any dye. This works on normal and on hopping pots!


A particular soil might be needed for some of the trees. And the different types of soil provide different boosts to the growth of your Bonsai.

It is recommended to use JEI to look up compatible saplings and available soils. Waila/Hwyla and TheOneProbe will show what sapling is growing on what soil and its progress.