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Spartan Shields

Unbelievable! This mod has reached 11 Million (!) downloads. Thanks to everyone who downloaded this mod!


Merry Christmas! Spartan Shields 2.1.0 is out now for Minecraft version 1.16.4!


  • Netherite Shields!
  • JEI Integration for Shield Bannering!



Spartan Shields 1.5.0 is out now for Minecraft version 1.12.2!


  • A new Shield Bash mechanic!
  • Tower Shields which can have banners applied to them!
  • Thaumcraft Shields!
  • The Ender IO Dark Steel Riot Shield is back too!
  • Compatibility fixes. Angel of Vengeance and Shield Parry should work with Spartan Shields now!


Special thanks to Ghost8909 for providing the texture for the Soulforged Steel Plated Shield!


Spartan Shields is a mod for Minecraft that adds a variety of new shields to the game.


Getting started:

Right from the outset, you can craft the Crude Wooden Shield as soon as you punch some trees!

Alternatively, you can make a Wooden Tower Shield which allows you to apply banners to them!

Wood won't cut it for long, so you can upgrade it when you get new materials. Note: The Wood Shield you use must be undamaged for this to work!

The same can be done with the Wood Tower Shield as well!

The Shields you can make this way (with no other mods) are the following:

  • Stone Braced Shield & Stone Tower Shield
  • Iron Plated Shield & Iron Tower Shield
  • Gold Gilded Shield & Gold Tower Shield
  • Diamond Reinforced Shield & Diamond Tower Shield
  • Bulky Obsidian Shield & Obsidian Tower Shield -> Increased Knockback Resistance + Slower movement speed

Common Modded Material Support:

Depending on other mods you have running and the materials which are contained within them, more recipes will become available for you to use.

The following require any mod with a valid OreDictionary [1.12.2 and below] or vanilla Tag [1.13.2 and above] entry for their respective ingots:

  • Copper Braced Shield & Copper Tower Shield
  • Tin Braced Shield & Tin Tower Shield
  • Bronze Plated Shield & Bronze Tower Shield
  • Steel Plated Shield & Steel Tower Shield
  • Silver Gilded Shield & Silver Tower Shield -> Hurts undead mobs that come in contact when blocking
  • Lead Plated Shield & Lead Tower Shield
  • Nickel Braced Shield & Nickel Tower Shield
  • Invar Plated Shield & Invar Tower Shield
  • Constantan Plated Shield & Constantan Tower Shield
  • Platinum Plated Shield & Platinum Tower Shield
  • Electrum Plated Shield & Electrum Tower Shield


Mod-specific Material Support:

The following requires Botania:

  • Manasteel Plated Shield
  • Terrasteel Strengthened Shield
  • Elementium Plated Shield

All of the above Shields can be regenerated using Botania Mana. They also have Lexica Botania entries!

[1.12.2 only. Hope to bring back soon] The following requires Thermal Foundation:

  • Signalum Strengthened Shield -> Inflicts Weakness when mobs hit the Shield while blocking
  • Radiant Lumium Shield -> Inflicts Glowing when mobs hit the Shield while blocking
  • Enderium Strengthened Shield -> Inflicts Slowness when mobs hit the Shield while blocking

[1.12.2 only. Awaiting mod update] The following requires Abyssalcraft: 

  • Darkstone Braced Shield
  • Abyssalnite Plated Shield
  • Coralium Plated Shield
  • Dreadium Reinforced Shield
  • Ethaxium Strengthened Shield

[1.12.2 only. Awaiting mod update] The following requires Better with Mods: 

  • Soulforged Steel Plated Shield

[1.12.2 only. Awaiting mod update] The following requires Thaumcraft:

  • Thaumium Plated Shield
  • Void Plated Shield

[1.12.2 only. Awaiting mod update] The following requires Ender IO: 

  • Dark Steel Riot Shield -> Powered by µI or RF/FE power

[1.12.2 only. Hope to bring back soon] The following requires RFTools: 

  • Infused Riot Shield -> Powered by RF/FE power

[1.12.2 only. Awaiting mod update] The following requires Redstone Arsenal: 

  • Flux-Infused Shield -> Powered by RF/FE power


Tower Shields:

Tower Shields function in the same way as regular Shields but you can also apply some banners to them!



Most shields can be enchanted using an Enchanting Table, unlike the vanilla Shield. The exceptions are the RF/FE Powered Shields.

The following enchantments can be applied to them:

  • Unbreaking [Vanilla]
  • Knockback [Vanilla] -> Used to enhance Shield Bash knockback power
  • Spikes - Max Levels: 3 - Gives a chance to inflict damage to any mob which hits the Shield when blocking

New in 2.1.0 (for 1.14.4):

  • Firebrand - Max Levels: 2 - Shield bashing causes the hit target to catch on fire. Higher levels causes the target to be on fire for longer
  • Payback - Max Levels: 4 - Blocking absorbs about 50% of damage into the shield. This boosts damage of the Shield Bash. Higher levels increases the max damage that the Shield can absorb by 2 points per level


Requires Java 8!


Any Issues/Bugs/Balance Issues?

Let me know here: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/spartan-shields/issues



Any language translations anyone can do would be greatly appreciated! Leave a comment below if you can provide one.
Here is the English version of the Language file here for anyone wishing to provide translations.

1.12.2 - version 1.5.4: https://drive.google.com/open?id=10lqxoaOpoDxwxf__ecGI6jp4z0GRn2Aj

1.16.4 - version 2.1.0: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QnT63oG1CYcfeuOMHSQMtAThg6ZJD5_U/view?usp=sharing


Modpack permissions:
Permission granted! No need to ask. If you have a interesting modpack including this in it, let me know! I would love to see it.


Plans for Future Versions:

  • IC2 Shields
  • Dragonbone Shield (from Ice and Fire)