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Improved Backpacks

This mod adds Backpacks that you can upgrade, rename, paint, place and wear!



  • Paint backpacks by using dyes
  • Upgrade backpacks by using pockets
  • Rename backpacks by pressing Sneak + Use (on air)
  • Place backpack on the floor Sneak + Use (on block)
  • Wear backpack in Chestplate/Baubles/Curios slot
  • Strong item duplication protection comparing to other portable storages!
  • Open backpack located in Chestplate/Baubles/Curios slot with a hotkey!
  • Open backpack located in other slots by right-clicking on it!


New workbench - Sewing Table


Backpack and Backpack Pockets

Extra Features

Legacy 1.12 version




- Can i use this mod in my mod pack?

    • Yes

- What Minecraft versions are actively supported at the moment?

    • 1.16.5

Hello MMD, this is DreenDex#2078 on 07.04.2020