Doomlike Dungeons

Last Updated: May 16, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2


Feb 11, 2014

Owner: JaredBGreat

This mod will add dungeons meant to resemble levels from retro "2 1/2d" first-person shooters and RPGs, and was inspired by earlier dungeons mods and by Oblige (especially version 3.57), a random level generator for Doom. The goal is to create interesting, tactically challenging, and highly varied multi-room dungeons that are fun to explore and rewarding to conquer.

See Minecraft Forum page for more information: 
(There may however be a sequel or more heavy-weight {meaning, mobs, blocks, etc.} mod coming out sometime, though, depending and how I manage my time concerning other idea and real life.) 

Note that in Minecraft 1.12.2 you may get some "Cascading Worldgen" warnings.  This is the results of intended behavior; its a design flaw but not actually a bug.  There is no cascading chain reaction. 

This really is almost certainly the final version of this mod.  There really isn't much in the way of new features I want to add to this now, but do hope to keep updating to new game versions -- even if I update to the next game version it will be with no new features (same mod version). 


Mods the Support Doomlike Dungeons

These mods are known to add mobs to Doomlike Dungeons automatically:

Try them out if you want even more challenging dungeons!  Especially with higher difficulty settings, the dungeons are limited by the difficulty range of vanilla mobs.  Adding these mods will allow harder dungeons to reach their full potential.

Mod Packs

Yes, you can use this in modpacks -- this mod was made with modpacks in mind and to be modpack friendly by allowing use of content from other mods.


I've created a discord server for discussing my mods.


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