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As of v1.2.0, this mod currently integrates twenty different materials with Tinkers' Construct, as well as Construct's Armory, all of which come from other mods. In addition, this mod also adds fourteen tool modifiers and ten armor modifiers. For each of the mods listed at the bottom, it will check if the mod is loaded and then will add the specified  materials to Tinkers' Construct, as well as to the book "Materials and You".


Every attempt is made to keep these materials balanced according to their difficulty to acquire, and based on normal items that are made with the material. I almost always try to make the traits make sense with the theme of the mod and actually do something unique related to the material (such as Thaumium allowing you to pull Vis from the Aura for durability).


To view mod ideas and vote on which you think should come next, you can look here.

If you want to track my progress and see what I'm currently working on, you can look here.

If you want to add your own custom content, look here.


This mod originally did not intend to supply the same materials that PlusTiC or Moar Tinkers adds; It was merely a supplement for materials that they are missing. They added some of the same materials that I'd already added, though, so you will have to turn off integrations for my mod or their mod if they are conflicting (currently just Thaumium and the Botania materials)


Currently there are materials and modifiers from these mods:

  • Astral Sorcery
  • Better With Mods
  • Biomes O' Plenty
  • Botania
  • Embers: Rekindled
  • Soot (Embers Addon)
  • Thaumcraft
  • The Betweenlands

These mods, and the metals in which they add are:

Astral Sorcery

  • Starmetal
    • Brilliance - Enemies that hit you glow and receive night vision.

Better With Mods

  • Hellfire
    • Heat Lover (Tools & Armor) - Might repair durability if the hit enemy / enemy that attacked is on fire / in lava.
  • Soulforged Steel
    • Sharp (From Tinkers')
    • Envious (Armor) - Bonus damage against armored enemies.


  • Mana Infused String (Bowstring)
    • Mana Infused - Can draw upon mana-containing items to repair itself.
  • Manasteel - Mana Infused (Tools & Armor)
  • Terrasteel
    • Mana Infused (Tools & Armor)
    • Terra (Armor) - Having a set of armor where all armor cores are made from Terrasteel gives a passive health regen just like the normal Botania Terrasteel set of armor.
  • Elementium - Mana Infused (Tools & Armor)
  • Livingwood
    • Mana Harvest - Killing mobs will fill mana-containing items with mana.
  • Livingrock
    • Cheap (From Tinkers')
    • Adapting (Armor) - You become tougher after being hit, at the cost of some mana.
    • Mana Harvest


  • Dawnstone (Tools & Armor)
    • Simmer (Tools): Deals increased damage at lower elevations.
    • Dawn (Tool Head) - High knockback and a chance to set mobs on fire, scaling up with lower attack speed.
    • Branded (Armor) - If at very low health, damage is heavily reduced based on toughness. The more toughness you have, the less damage you'll take.
  • Ashen Fabric (Armor)
    • Ashwoven (Armor) 15% resistance to fire damage, 10% weakness to other forms of attack.


  • Antimony (Tools & Armor)
    • Quenching (Tools) - Hitting enemies on fire will put them out, dealing scalding damage.
    • Squelching (Armor) - Upon damage, if on fire, has a chance of reducing it's duration.


  • Thaumium
    • Aural - Tool use has a chance of feeding off of the Aura instead of using durability.
    • Essentia - Killing enemies and breaking blocks has a chance of converting them to crystal essence, also generating a tiny amount of flux.
    • Vis Barrier (Armor) - Taking damage has a chance of repairing armor, feeding off of vis from the Aura.
  • Void Metal
    • Sapping - Damaging enemies usually steals a small portion of their health. If your health is full, may regen tool durability instead.
    • Warping - Tool usage slowly warps the user's mind.
    • Maniacal (Armor) - Increased defense based on how much warp the player has accumulated.

The Betweenlands

  • Weedwood
    • Corrosive (Tools & Armor) - Tool damage / Armor defense goes down as it corrodes, but does 35% bonus damage to all Betweenlands mobs. Corrosion will be removed when you repair it.
    • Ecological - (From Tinkers')
  • Octine
    • Corrosive (Tools & Armor)
    • Sparking - Has a chance of setting mobs on fire. Hitting mobs on fire does bonus damage.
  • Syrmorite
    • Corrosive (Tools & Armor)
    • Splash (Armor) - Reflect some damage back at the attacker when in water.
    • Gritty (Tools) - You do more damage as your decay bar (above the hunger bar in The Betweenlands) drains.
  • Valonite
    • Corrosive (Tools & Armor)
    • Rough (Armor)
    • Sharp (From Tinkers')
  • Dragonfly Wing (Fletching)
    • Buzzing - These arrows have a mind of their own. Slightly random arrow pathing


 The modifiers, and their effects are:

Biomes O' Plenty

  • All gems are supported as modifiers for tools and armor and have slightly different properties. Check them out for yourself!


  • Dragonstone - Similar to Diamond, but will provide bonus durability depending on how much of the tool/armor is made from Botania materials.
  • Rune of Mana - Reduces mana cost from Tinker tools and armor that uses mana. Multiple levels.
  • Rune of Autumn - Gives bonus mana for Tinker tools that generate small amounts of mana. Multiple levels.


  • Sanitizing - Reduces the amount of warp gained when using tools made from Void Metal.
  • Quicksilver - Increases damage against Tainted mobs. Multiple levels.

Planned features:

  • New Tinkers' modifiers

Planned integration:

  • Mekanism?
  • Other multi-mod metals (Platinum, etc)



Credit goes to:


LakMoore, the creator of InfiniTiC, whose code I originally adapted to make this mod

All of the authors behind Tinkers' Construct, with their help in making this a thing and their wonderful mod

TheIllusiveC4 for his work on Construct's Armory

All of the people behind Forge and FML