Mystical Mechanics API

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This mod library adds the basics of a mechanical power system. Originally this code sat unused in Embers source code but I've extracted it and made it run on its own with a few extensions.

Current Features

  • Iron Axles (Reference Implementation)
  • Gearboxes, as designed for use in Embers. Gears must be inserted into these on all faces where axles should connect. Power output is input divided by number of connected outputs.
  • Iron Gears (Reference Implementation) (Supports oredicted iron gears)
  • Creative Source for testing
  • Gears can have different behaviors for power transfer implemented. Should be flexible enough to produce interesting transfer mechanics.
  • Redstone control
  • Merger Gearboxes
  • Gearbox and axle reorientation
  • Lubricant API

Planned Features

  • More robustness
  • Min and max length restrictions for axles



If you're looking to contact me about this project, head to my Discord.


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