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Never lose local settings when updating your modpack!

This client mod offers the ability of creating and using modpacks which ship custom settings, entries in the server list or even custom keybindings without having them overwriting your local settings every time the modpack updates.


Installing the mod:

It's fairly easy to install DefaultSettings, all what you have got to do is place the mod's jar file in your installation's "mods" folder (1.6+) or place it in the "coremods" folder (1.4+).


Latest dev-builds:

1.14.x: link

1.13.2: link

1.8 to 1.12.2: link

1.7.10: link

1.6.4: link



DefaultSettings GUI

To open the DS graphical interface, just press F7 + G either in the game's mods list or anytime when playing in a world. It's also possible to access the GUI by utilizing Forge's Mods list and the "Config" button of DefaultSettings (1.7.10+).




DefaultSettings GUI


Instructions for modpack creators:

The first step of integrating DefaultSettings into your modpack is to initially save the data you want to ship with your pack.

That's done by either using "/defaultsettings save" as a command or clicking on the save buttons in our GUI (read below how to open it). After that you'll be rewarded with some files in the mod's config folder (e.g.: .minecraft/mods/defaultsettings).

As it it's really important to keep the folder construction, maybe decide to work with the entire "defaultsettings" config folder by now.

Then copy the "defaultsettings" folder into your modpack's config folder, but don't copy all the other config files! These should remain in your installation.

Et voilà! Now you're ready to ship certain files within your modpack as defaults.


Privacy Policy

We do not collect any type of data! Besides that, our mod indeed uses Minecraft's logs. This means that especially errors are dumped into the logs - but sensitive data never is.



Quick Disclaimer for every Curse modpack creator:

You're fully permitted to use this mod in your modpack and don't have to respect any of the sentences stated below.



You are NOT allowed to distribute this mod in modpacks without any preparation. This only applies for modpacks which aren't created and managed with the Twitch Launcher. To be more precise: Every way of distributing the mod's JAR files without preparation is forbidden.

Instructions to be allowed to distribute the mod:

  1. Every uploaded version of the mod ships a ZIP file called: GPGVerification ( This file contains a PGP public key file (pubkey.gpg) and .asc files, which have the same name as the mod's files which are uploaded on Curse. Extract that ZIP file.
  2. 1. Install GPG2, for Windows it is called "Gpg4win".
  3. 2. Once it's installed, open your command propmt at the exact same location as you extracted the ZIP to.
  4. (Import the pubkey.gpg file with the following command:) Please inspect step 5
    3. gpg --import pubkey.gpg
  5. 4. If possible, contact this site and copy the text which starts and ends with dashes into a new file called: pubkey.gpg - Use this file to override the pubkey.gpg file from the ZIP with. Then continue with step 4.
  6. Now copy the DefaultSettings-MCv-MODv.jar file into the same folder (Insert MC version and Mod version).
  7. Execute this command:
    gpg --verify DefaultSettings-MCv-MODv.jar.asc DefaultSettings-MCv-MODv.jar
    (Insert MC version and Mod version)

Check if the output from the 7th step looks like this:

Good signature from "Jomcraft Network (Jomcraft Sign Key) <>"

 If it does, you're permitted to distribute the mod's JAR files. If it doesn't you're NOT permitted to proceed and have to re-download the JAR from a valuable source!




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