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Never lose local settings when updating your modpack!

This client mod offers the ability of creating and using modpacks which ship custom settings, entries in the server list or even custom keybindings without having them overwriting your local settings every time the modpack updates. A quick guide to this mod might be found here. Looking for DefaultSettings on Fabric? Click here.


Installing the mod:

It's fairly easy to install DefaultSettings, all what you have got to do is place the mod's jar file in your installation's "mods" folder (1.6+) or place it in the "coremods" folder (1.4+).


DefaultSettings GUI:

To open the DS graphical interface, just press F7 + G either in the game's mods list or anytime when playing in a world. It's also possible to access the GUI by utilizing Forge's Mods list and the "Config" button of DefaultSettings (1.7.10+).



And if you don't want to or can not use our graphical interface, you can also employ both the /defaultsettings and /switchprofile commands. Those two assure minimal functionality - thus using the GUI really makes a lot of sense.




Instructions for modpack creators:

Latest guide might be found here.


Privacy Policy:

We do not collect any type of data! Besides that, our mod indeed uses Minecraft's logs. This means that especially errors are dumped into the logs - but sensitive data never is.



You're certainly allowed to use and distribute this mod in private & public modpacks.


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