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Apotheosis is a mod about improving the vanilla experience while attempting to stay true to the base game.  It adds new potions, enchantments, dangers, mechanics, and other interesting things that greatly improve the Minecraft experience.

Apotheosis is divided into modules, each of which has a specific focus.  Modules are independent, each can be disabled at will.

Enchantment Module

The Enchantment module focuses on an overhaul to the enchantment system and adding new enchantments.  This module will allow you to become much more powerful than previously imposed limitations would have ever allowed, as well as introduce exciting new enchantments that help you adventure and conquer the world.

The Enchanting Table

There is now a new system for enchanting that uses three stats, instead of the original single stat system.  Some stats are the same (Eterna is the already existing Enchanting Power), but others are new.

Eterna is the stat that controls what level your enchanting table is at.  Certain types of bookshelves are only capable of providing certain max levels of Eterna, so be sure to check the max on the block.  The table's current level is equal to twice the Eterna.  Eterna goes up to a max of 50, which results in an enchanting level of 100.  The max Eterna level will scale up to the highest available, if it goes past 50.

Quanta determines how much flux is in your enchanting process.  When you begin an enchantment process, after spending your experience, your Quanta level will work behind the scenes to change your enchantment level.  This is not always beneficial, as Quanta is capable of both increasing and decreasing the actual enchanting level.  With a lot of Quanta, and a little luck, you could technically receive an enchantment equal to spending 200 levels! But if your luck is bad, you could be completely wasting your experience.

Arcana determines how hard it is to get rare enchantments.  At 0%, the base rules for enchantment rarity apply, but as your Arcana increases, rare enchantments will become more common, and common enchantments will become quite rare.  At 100% Arcana, the rarities are flipped on their heads entirely, and Very Rare enchantments will show up at the rate of common enchantments, while Common enchantments will be hard to find!  Finally, at 25% and 75% Arcana, every time you enchant, you are guaranteed an extra enchantment.  This means after 75% Arcana, you will always receive 3 enchantments.

The stats for various items can be seen in their tooltips, and can be searched in JEI via the search term "Enchanting Stats".  Typing this into JEI will bring up all items with stats.  There is no "best" setup, so experiment to find the stats that you want given your resources.

As an added bit of utility, Lapis will now stay in the enchanting table.


Apotheosis has a host of new enchantments that support the notion of increased player power and provide enchantments that are only available at higher enchanting levels.  Additionally, the levels of vanilla enchantments are scaled up to match the increased table level.

The following new enchantments have been added:

Bane of Illagers - Your attacks will do additional damage to illagers.

  • Berserker's Fury - You will be buffed when taking damage, and lose extra health in the process.
  • Hell Infusion - Your attacks do significantly more damage when in the Nether.
  • Icy Thorns - Being attacked will slow the attacker.
  • Knowledge of the Ages - Anything that a killed mob drops will be converted directly into experience.
  • Life Mending - Your health will be used to repair held tools and equipped armor.
  • Occult Aversion - You will take less magic damage, but also deal less magic damage.
  • Miner's Fervor - You will always break blocks quickly, but never instantly.
  • Nature's Blessing - Your hoe may be used as bonemeal when right clicking.
  • Rebounding - Enemies that attack you may find themselves very far away.
  • Reflective Defenses - A successful block may harm the attacker.
  • Scavenger - There is a chance that mobs may drop double their normal amount of loot (including rare drops like nether stars).
  • Sea Infusion - Your attacks do significantly more damage when wet.
  • Shield Bash - Your shield may be used as a powerful melee weapon.
  • Stable Footing - The mining speed penalty for not being on the ground is prevented.
  • Tempting - All animals will follow your hoe as if it were a breeding item.
  • Crescendo of Bolts - Your crossbows gain an additional shot per charge.  Extra shots use no ammo.

There have also been a couple changes to vanilla enchantments.  Sharpness is no longer exclusive with Bane of Arthropods, Smite, and Bane of Illagers.  Protection is no longer exclusive with Magic Protection, Fire Protection, and Blast Protection.  This means you can always benefit from the general purpose enchantment and still pick up a specialized enchantment.  To compensate for the high levels of protection, protection math has been changed a bit.  The initial 20 points of protection each provide 4% damage reduction, but the next 44 past that provide 0.33% damage reduction per point, up to 95.33% total damage reduction at 64 points.

Bookshelves And More

To support the new enchantment stat system, Apotheosis adds 11 new bookshelves, each with their own unique enchanting stat combinations.  Shown here are the Endshelves, Seashelves, Hellshelves, the Beeshelf and the Melonshelf.  Combinations of these shelves can allow for any stat values you could dream of, however, reaching significantly high Eterna levels requires Endshelves.


In Apotheosis, Anvils have significantly more utility than previously.  Anvils have no level limit, and are enchantable.  Anvils can receive Unbreaking, Splitting, and Obliteration.  Splitting is a new enchantment that allows you to drop an anvil on an enchanted book with multiple enchantments, and receive an individual book for each level.  However, this process only has a 20% success chance per level of splitting, and will always cause damage to the anvil (but can be prevented by unbreaking).  Obliteration is similar, it has the same success rules, but it works on books with a single enchantment above level one.  It will create two books, each a level lower than the original.  Think of it as the inverse of combining two books in an anvil.


Apotheosis adds a series of books called Tomes.  Each Tome has a type of enchantment it can accept, and can be used in place of a book when enchanting.  Tomes allow a user to hunt for specific groups of enchantments while saving resources.  A tome is converted directly into an enchanted book when used in a table.

There is also the Tome of Scrapping, which can be used to remove enchantments from an item.  Some of the enchantments, and the original item, will be lost in the process.

The Altar of the Sea

The Altar of the Sea is a block with allows you to recycle worthless enchanted items.  To begin, you need four enchanted items and a fair amount of experience.  Then, you place one enchanted item on each pillar (target the pillar and right click it while holding the item).  Once all four pillars hold an item, the Altar will begin to drain experience from nearby players.  The amount of experience required is based on the levels an rarities of the provided enchantments.  Once the experience has been drained, all four items will be consumed, and a newly created enchanted book will be created.  The new enchantments are random, but better enchantments will be obtained with higher levels and rarities of provided enchantments.  The Altar of the Sea can generate treasure enchantments.

The Enchantment Library

The Enchantment Library is a block focused on storing enchantments.  Simply insert an enchanted book, and every enchantment on that book will be stored in the library internally.  Each enchantment on a deposited book will be stored as points.  A point is simply equivalent to a level 1 enchantment, and as such an enchantment is worth the amount of points it would take to combine it from level one books (2^(level -1) points per level).  The library also records the max level it has ever seen for a given enchantment, and you may only extract enchantments up to that level.  Meaning if you want to be able to extract a higher level of an enchantment, the library will need to have had that level deposited at least one time.

To extract enchantments from the library, simply click the tile of the enchantment you want to extract, and it will be extracted to the output slot.  If the output slot is empty, a new enchanted book will be generated.  If it is not empty, it will apply the next level of that enchantment to the book (if you have enough points).  Shift-clicking on a tile will attempt to extract the max level available (if you have enough points).  The point cost for extracting is shown in the tooltip.  If that tooltip is red, you do not have enough points for that operation.
There's a short video preview available here.

Deadly Module

The deadly module is focused on adding new content to the world, by improving existing content.  Conquer powerful bosses, find exciting loot, and beware of danger in the caves.

Affix Loot

In Apotheosis, there are certain items with Affixes.  An Affix is similar to an enchantment.  Each affix provides a specific modifier to an item, such as increasing damage, providing additional protection, or providing some sort of utility feature.  Only certain affixes can be applied to certain items, and they are intentionally left a bit mysterious.  In addition to Affixes, there are also Loot Rarities.  Each rarity has a specific amount of affixes and other features associated with it. 

The current rarities are as follows:

  • Common - Receives one affix, that is often at the minimum effectiveness.
  • Uncommon - Receives one affix.
  • Rare - Receives two affixes.
  • Epic - Receives three affixes.
  • Mythic - Receives three affixes, affixes have a higher chance of reaching their max value, and the item is made unbreakable.
  • Ancient - This rarity encompasses unique items that can only be obtained from loot.  It's not yet implemented, but it should be soon.\

Affixes can be retrieved from loot items and moved to other items through a complex series of steps.  Creating the ultimate item with tailored affixes will be difficult, but not impossible.  To begin, you need to sacrifice some loot items to turn into rarity shards.  Any item with a given rarity can be burned on a Soul Campfire into a Rarity Shard. 

Then, you can combine this rarity shard with a Tome of Scrapping to create an Affix Tome.

And finally, you can use this exactly as a tome of scrapping, but for affixes.  The tome will take some of the enchantments from the item as its own, and the item will be destroyed.  Tomes only work on items of equal or lesser rarity.  This affix can now be applied to any item of the same category it came from.


Apotheosis generates bosses underground, in caves.  Every boss will generate with potion effects, full armor, a custom name, and a special affix loot item that has been powerfully enchanted.  Occasionally, bosses can generate where a normal monster would have spawned on the surface.  A surface boss spawn is accompanied by a lightning strike.

Bosses are guaranteed to drop an affix loot item that is already enchanted.  This loot item will be named after the boss.

Rogue Spawners

Apotheosis will generate random spawners underground.  These spawners will be one of two variants: brutal, or swarm.  A brutal spawner spawns mobs that have potion effects or other buffed attributes.  Swarm spawners have a higher mob cap, and spawn rather rapidly.  Each type of spawner generates with a chest under it.  This chest can have a wide variety of loot, from crafting materials to affix items.

Garden Module

The garden module has some extensions for vertically growing blocks.  Specifically, it lets sugar cane, cactus, and bamboo grow to higher values than before.

By default, sugarcane can grow to the block limit, cactus can grow up to 5 blocks, and bamboo can grow up to 32 blocks tall (but bamboo is weird, so it often will be less than that due to randomness).  All heights are configurable, so the limits can be changed.


Potion Module

The potion module includes new potions, adds new recipes for previously unobtainable potions, and adds some other new content to support the usage of potions.

Potion Charms

Apotheosis allows for the creation of a Potion Charm with three of the same potion.  This potion charm will provide that potion effect when active and in either the player's inventory, or a Curios charm slot.  The potion charm will provide the potion for eight times as long as a single potion would, and allows you to receive the potion in smaller increments instead of all up front.

New Effects

Apotheosis adds two new potion effects to the game.  

Sundering is the inverse of resistance.  Where resistance provides 20% damage reduction per level, Sundering increases damage taken by 20% per level.  This means that a Sundering II potion can completely revoke all benefits of Resistance II.

Ancient Knowledge is a potion effect that makes all experience earned from entity kills quadrupled.  Having level II of this potion will result in the amount being doubled to 8x normal experience.

Potions, Recipes, and Enchantments

Apotheosis makes it so that various vanilla potions that cannot normally be brewed have recipes.  The new potion types are as follows:

  • Resistance - Created with an Awkward Potion and a Shulker Shell.
  • Absorption - Created with an Awkward Potion and a Golden Apple.
  • Haste - Created with an Awkward Potion and Mushroom Stew.
  • Mining Fatigue - Created with a Haste Potion and a Fermented Spider Eye.
  • Wither - Created with an Awkward Potion and a Wither Skull, or if Wither Skeleton Tweaks is installed, a Skull Fragment.
  • Luck - Created with an Awkward Potion and a Lucky Rabbit's Foot

Endless Quiver

Apotheosis adds a new enchantment for bows.  This enchantment allows for all types of arrows to be made infinite, including potion arrows and spectral arrows.'

Enchanted Golden Apple

With all of the new potion types added by Apotheosis, there are now enough to make a recipe for the Enchanted Golden Apple.  This recipe isn't cheap, but the apple is worth it.


Spawner Module

The Spawner Module is the source of all changes to Mob Spawners.  This allows you to make complex mob farms using only existing vanilla blocks and items.  

Mob Spawners

In Apotheosis, Mob Spawners are not as simple as they seem.  They can be collected with Silk Touch, for a price.  Breaking a Mob Spawner with silk touch will drop the spawner and retain all of it's properties, but also deal 100 durability damage to the pickaxe used.

Spawner Modifiers

Apotheosis introduces a system for modifying the stats of spawners.  To use a spawner modifier, simply right click the item on the spawner, and if the modifier can be applied, the item will be consumed.  There are modifiers for the following spawner stats:

  • Minimum Spawn Delay
  • Maximum Spawn Delay
  • Spawn Count
  • Max Nearby Entities
  • Required Player Range
  • Spawn Range
  • Ignoring Spawn Conditions
  • Ignoring Nearby Players
  • Ignoring the Spawn Cap
  • Redstone Control

Hit "U" on a Mob Spawner in JEI to view all possible spawner modifiers, and the required items.

Modifier Inversion

Sometimes, you might wish to change stats in the opposite direction, such as decreasing the spawn range, or increasing the spawn delay.  To do that, you'd need to hold the designated "Inversion Item" in your off hand while using a spawner modifier.  This allows you to gain precise control over your spawners, and not be limited to moving their stats in one direction.

Changing Mobs

Using a Mob Spawn Egg on a spawner will change the spawner to the type of mob contained in that egg.  
How do you get a spawn egg?  With the Capturing enchantment.  Capturing is a sword enchantment that provides an 0.4% chance per level to make any mob killed drop their spawn egg, if it exists.  Some mobs cannot drop spawn eggs.

Village Module

The Village Module is focused around introducing new content for villages, villagers, and their related blocks.

The Wandering Trader

In Apotheosis, the Wandering Trader now has a significantly more varied stock, with an emphasis on high-quality items.  From simple things, like gold and diamonds, to swords forged in the fires of an ancient forge, the trader is no longer someone to just pass by.  Take a look, whenever he shows up.  Additionally, when the Deadly Module is enabled, he may also sell Affix Loot items.


Apotheosis adds a new type of crafting system accessible via the normally-useless Fletching Table.  This Fletching system allows for higher yields when making arrows, and is required to craft certain types of exclusive arrows.  There are currently four new types of arrows: Broadhead ArrowsObsidian ArrowsExplosive Arrows, and Mining Arrows.

Broadhead Arrows are made from iron, instead of flint.  They apply 15 seconds of Bleeding (similar to wither) to the target on hit.  Each additional hit from a broadhead will increase the level of bleeding and refresh the duration, meaning that they will do significantly increased damage after multiple shots.

Obsidian Arrows are made from obsidian.  They have a flat 20% damage increase over normal arrows.

Explosive Arrows create an explosion on hit.  This explosion is larger when hitting a block, but does significant damage upon direct impact with an entity.

Mining Arrows break blocks as if they were a pickaxe.  Each arrow can break up to 12 blocks, and there is an iron and diamond variant.



Apotheosis requires Placebo.  Please use the latest version of Placebo for whatever version of Minecraft you happen to be running.


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