Thaumic Augmentation

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The blocks and items currently implemented in the mod


There is now an FAQ for Thaumic Augmentation. Please check there before asking a question in the comments or opening an issue, as your question may be answered there.


Thaumic Augmentation is a Thaumcraft addon for Minecraft 1.12 that tries to add new content that would fit in with the base mod. Some of the content may seem familiar (like the Arcane Door), but most is planned to be completely new. More content is continuously in the works - check back for updates!


If you want to report a bug or contribute to the mod, head over to the project's GitHub page.

Getting Started

All of the content in this mod is contained in the "Thaumic Augmentation" tab in the Thaumonomicon. It will appear after completing the "First Steps" research. Note that some research is hidden at first - playing through the regular Thaumcraft research will make them appear.


  • Upgraded casting gauntlets (they're dyeable too!)
  • A machine to (slowly) add vis back into the aura
  • A tool that can copy and paste seal settings
  • Warded (personal) chests, doors, and trapdoors, with keys to allow others access
  • A focus effect that creates light
  • An upgraded version of the Boots of the Traveller
  • A re-implementation of the ward focus from old versions of Thaumcraft
  • A gauntlet augmentation system - sidegrades for Thaumic Augmentation casting gauntlets to make them more powerful under certain conditions
  • A new dimension, the Emptiness, reachable through dimensional fractures that spawn in the world - what could you find there?
  • The Primal Cutter - the Primal Crusher's pointier cousin, being a sword and axe in one tool.


Thaumic Augmentation is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3 (or later). This means that you can add this mod to any modpack, and you don't need my permission. Feel free to tell me if you do though, I am curious if anyone will find this mod to be useful.


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