Project: Vibrant Journeys

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Dev Update:

Currently I have a bunch of projects to manage at work that involve lots of programming and troubleshooting, so to avoid programming burnout I'm going to put my mods on hold for now. I am also waiting for a stable release of Forge for 1.14. With the 1.14 stuff I've tinkered with it looks like the biome and world generation stuff of this mod will need a complete rewrite as well.


Project: Vibrant Journeys is a Minecraft mod that aims to add some spice to survival without changing its core aspects. Instead of adding tons of new content in one direction, this mod focuses on adding content that overlays the current style of survival. Here, you will not find complex machinery, or magical spells, or a billion biomes, or too many dimensions to remember. You will find new building materials, new places to explore, and new monsters to slay. It does not aim to revamp or change the focus of survival, but rather to enhance it.

Also comes with full support for Biomes O' Plenty and Traverse!



Find all the info on this mod in the GitHub wiki.

Source Code can be found in my GitHub repo


Project: Vibrant Journeys is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International




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