Stuff A Sock In It


This mod allows you to set up filters for the game logger. This means that you can prevent certain logging messages from being shown in the console or client log file. This mod is intended for modpacks to use when they want to remove redundant information or other log entries that are not important. Utilizing this mod can make log files smaller, and also make actual errors and issues easier to find. In some extreme situations it can also slightly improve the load time of the game.


There are two types of filters you can make using this mod.

  • Basic - If the string of the filter is contained within the message it will be filtered. For example if the filter is "hello" then the message "hello world" will be filtered.
  • Regex - If the message matches the regex filter it will be filtered.




Q: Is this a core mod?
A: No, this mod is not a core mod. While earlier versions did take advantage of Forge's Core Mod system to load earlier than other mods, this is no longer the case for versions targeting MC 1.12 and up.


Q: Isn't removing information bad or dangerous?
A: This largely depends on the circumstances. This mod should never be used to remove actual error information. There are several mods, including Forge itself which are known to go a bit overboard when it comes to logging debug information, and those situations are the intended use case for this mod. Removing all log messages with the word "null" in them is bad, but removing messages from a mod that just prints every roman numeral for some unknown reason is good.


Q: What does this mod remove by default?
A: By default this mod will not remove anything. You must configure it by changing the /config/sasit.cfg file.


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