Stuff A Sock In It

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Stuff A Sock In It

Console filtering made easy!


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How does it work?

In the configuration file there is a option called Basic Filter. This option is a string list, each line between the < and > is considered a new entry. When a log message is generated, if it contains any of the configured entries, it will be deleted. A deleted line will not show up in the console or the log file. 

Is this a core mod?

Yes, this is a core mod. But it does not use ASM. Core mods are loaded before other mods, and most of the forge code. I am simply taking advantage of this to apply my log filters before other mods have a chance to load. 

Isn't it a bad idea to remove information like this?

This greatly depends on the situation. This mod was specifically made with large modpacks in mind. For example, the typical FTB modpack may have over then thousand lines in the log about missing item models for WIP items and blocks. In a production pack like that nobody cares about that information, and it makes it harder for pack and mod devs to spot genuine issues.

What is removed by default?

Nothing! Configuration is completely up to the user. Please use this mod responsibly. I would however recommend removing the following lines!

  • Item json isn't found for
  • Bar Step:

It doesn't seem to work in this one situation?

The system I have in place looks at the content of a message. While there is partial support for logger names and levels, you should avoid using them for now. So basically try to stick to things after the first : in a line. Also, certain FML/Forge loggers are protected from my filtering. 


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