The Disenchanter Mod

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The Disenchanter Mod


Want to get the good enchantments of those rubbish gold items? Or did you get perfect enchantments on your sword, but the Knockback is bothering you? 

The DisenchanterMod is the thing for you!

(If Enchanting+ is too much for your needs and you do not want any of the major mods - e.g. MineFactoryReloaded, Draconic Evolution - including this feature, because you do not want most of the utilities those mods provide?)


It is a very lightweight mod just adding one block to the game:


The Disenchantment Table


Disenchantment Table


It's easy to craft and use! (watch the animations)





Any combination is possible!





Small Crafting Guide:

Crafting Guide




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Quick note:

I am aware that this is not a new concept by any means. I just could not find a small lightweight mod (that is not outdated) that fit my needs, so I made this and figured that there might be others that would enjoy this small Mod.

Also this uses a BSD License, which means you can use it for your modpack.



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