Unique Crops

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What is this mod?

This mod adds 33 new crops, all unique to each other, and several new items related to them. While the crops themselves are documented in the in-game guide book well enough, the items and gear/tools that are included in this mod are left up to the user to find out what they can do. There may even be completely undocumented easter eggs, with no real indication of how to get them. (Or you could look at the source code, if you wish to have spoilers :] )


What is it not?

It is not another mod that adds ore crops. The main idea was to take the growth stages, and the requirements for planting, growing and harvesting a little further than what I've seen.



Getting Started:

First, get some Normie seeds by breaking a few grasses in the world, then use the seed as one of the crafting ingredients to make the mod's ingame documentation book. You will need this book with you to help figure out how to grow some crops, and how to harvest them as well. Thanks for stopping and looking!



There is now a wiki for Unique Crops, as seen here


Notes on Newer Versions:

Version 1.10.2-0.1.9 and 1.11.2-0.1.4:

The crafting system for getting crop seeds have slightly changed. You still get the normie seeds like, erm, normal, but you use those to craft some Artisia seeds, which will let you craft the other crop seeds. Please refer to the in-game guide book to see how it is set up. Additionally, there is JEI support for the new seed crafting recipes.



Currently, this mod requires Minecraft Forge to be installed. It has no coremods that it depends on. Optional mods that you could install to enhance your experience are JEI and The One Probe.



Feel free to include this in your modpacks, especially the ones with a focus on farming :]


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