35,718,538 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 17, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.1


  • Fixes the Problem of having to restart your Client when your Session is invalid
  • Shows whether your Session is valid
  • Change Accounts while Minecraft is running
  • Change Username for playing offline (has to be enabled in config)
  • Hidden Button in the MainMenu (17325) for CustomMainMenu to be wrapped (1.7.2 +)


The Mod is Clientside only - it will not work in servers mods folder


Just hit the "Re-Login" Button in the Multiplayermenu and enter your Logindata, after that you will be able to login on your Servers


I know that entering your Logindata simply into a Mod might sound risky, but thats why i have the Source on GitHub as well as a link to a Java-Decompiler


You are free to include this Mod in any Modpack as long as the Mod is not modified and the ModPack is distributed free of charge and in accordance to Mojangs EULA.


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