9,155,936 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 18, 2021 Game Version: 1.17.1

Charm splash image

Charm is a mod for Minecraft inspired by the Quark mod in that it is designed to enhance the vanilla game experience without compromising its gameplay style.


Please note: This is the Fabric version of Charm.  The Forge version of Charm is here:


Due to problems with the curse mod loader, the Fabric and Forge versions have been split into different curseforge projects.

Legacy versions of Charm for Forge will be kept here to maintain compatibility with modpacks.


Read about all features here!


Some 1.17 features:

Bookcases that can hold 18 stacks of books

Casks for combining potions, Cooking Pots for combining food

Azalea wood variant

Mineshaft corridors and rooms have more ore to find

Barrels and Crates in all wood textures

Atlases to hold multiple maps that update as you explore

No upper limit on repairing your tools with XP

Kilns for fast smelting of clay and sand

Lumberjack and Beekeeper villagers

Super cute Coral Squids

Advancements to help you explore what the mod has to offer

Totem of Preserving to hold your items if you die

Use your Totem Of Undying from anywhere in your inventory

Ender Pearl blocks that you teleport to when eating chorus fruit

Lots of new variant textures for mobs

No more accidentally hurting your own pets

Villages spawn in more biomes

Trade with a Wandering Villager for a map to more structures


Feel free to use this mod in modpacks without asking permission, and report errors and compatibility issues to the github issue tracker, not to private messages.



-- Sven Hjól