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Patreon: p455w0rd


Embersified is a small compat mod which allows Embers energy to be converted to and from Forge Energy.

In turn, this also allows for RF conversion since the RF API natively supports Forge Energy now.



  • D:"Embers Multiplier"
    • Default: 100.0
    • Forge Energy equivalent is 10 Embers energy (the default hardcoded transfer amount in Embers) multiplied by this number.
  • B:"Embers Can Produce FE"
    • Default: true
    • Can Embers energy be used to generate Forge Energy?
  • B:"FE Can Produce Embers"
    • Default: false
    • Can Forge Energy be used to generate Embers energy?

Permissions: You are free to use the mod in your packs, decompile it, to view the source, and anything else granted under the MIT license.