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Terracart Reloaded

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There is nothing to craft except for rails. This mod works with any rails from any mods.


To use it, right click with an empty hand the rails, magically a cart appears and you will be placed in it. Now press an direction key and off you go!


To stop the motion simply dismount the cart, left shift by default, and walla walla bing bang, the cart is no more!



Original Mod Author is Lime and mod at

Fabric Users

Fabric API is required.


  •  /tc <vanilla|vc> <true|false>
    Allows you to set whether or not to use the vanilla cart with its dependency on power and friction or the TerraCart (false) version which needs no power and is frictionless. Also removes the need to restart your server or world for this one change.


  • On first install, make sure to run the client or server at least once to generate the config, then restart the server or client to activate the mod. I will fix this on the next release so that it works right out of the box
  • I am thinking about adding wooden rails, configurable as to being enabled or not, so that you can easily get around your world.


No need to ask, just add. A link back not required but sure would be sweet.


Go ahead. Let me know and I'll feature it. I only ask that you link back to this page in your review description.




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