The Beneath

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The "grue" mode requires Grue to be present. Make sure you've installed it along with this if you plan on using that mode!



The Beneath is a mod that adds a massive mining dimension (roughly based off of the Deep Dark from Extra Utilities, with some additions not present in that dimension). It started out as a replacement (since the Deep Dark hadn't been ported to 1.10.2 by the time this mod's development began), and can be used as one, as it's a highly configurable mining dimension.

It comes with a Teleporter block used to teleport to the dimension, which has a configurable crafting recipe you can enable and customize in the config file (or you could use something like CraftTweaker instead).



This mod comes packed with the following:

  • A massive mining dimension (imagine if you raised the roof of the Nether to 256, then squeezed in another Nether in that empty space, that's the size we're talking here)
  • Any mobs spawning inside the dimension (vanilla mobs are set to spawn in there, and it is possible for mobs from other mods to spawn in there) have twice the health and damage they normally would
  • The ability to configure whether or not you can use the teleporter block in dimensions outside the Overworld (enabling this allows you to for example place a Beneath Teleporter in the Nether, then use that teleporter to go back and forth between The Beneath and the Nether, instead of automatically going back to the Overworld)
  • A built-in JSON-based ore generator (JSON file generated at first startup with a default configuration, and this system can be disabled if you have another mod that handles ore generation)
  • Different modes to toggle how the dimension behaves in situations (switching modes requires a restart to take effect):
    • "grue": Grues will spawn in dark areas when you've been exposed to the darkness for long enough (use the config file in Grue to configure the various things there).
    • "darkness": Being in the darkness hurts you (amount of damage dealt and the amount of time between each hit is configurable)
  • Ability to configure whether or not dungeons should generate in the dimension, and how frequent (works like the dungeon setting in vanilla, except 0 stops all generation)
  • Beings lurking in the darkness, ready to pull you out of the light at any second, allowing the Grue, other mobs and/or the darkness itself to devour you
  • Mildly unnerving sounds you might hear from time to time while inside the dimension



Here's a breakdown on the configuration options provided in The Beneath:

Additional Dimension Teleportation:

Toggles whether or not to allow teleporting back and forth between the Beneath and dimensions that aren't the Overworld
B:"Additional Dimension Teleportation"=false

Darkness damage:

The amount of damage (half hearts) you take from the darkness (when the mode is set to darkness). Minimum is 2 half hearts, maximum is 20.
I:"Darkness damage"=2

Darkness damage timer:

The amount of seconds before the darkness damages you (when the mode is set to darkness). Minimum is 1 second, maximum is 10 seconds.
I:"Darkness damage timer"=5

Dimension ID:

Dimension ID for The Beneath. Minecraft restart required!
I:"Dimension ID"=10

Dungeon spawn chance:

The chance that a dungeon generates in The Beneath (same logic as the vanilla setting). Setting it to 0 stops dungeon generation. Minimum is 0 (disabled), and maximum is 100.
I:"Dungeon spawn chance"=8

Internal Ore Generator:

Toggles whether or not to use the built-in Ore Generator. Can be disabled if you have another mod that handles Ore Generation. Minecraft restart required!
B:"Internal Ore Generator"=true

Keep Loaded:

Toggles whether or not The Beneath should be prevented from automatically unloading (might affect performance if enabled). Minecraft restart required!
B:"Keep Loaded"=false


What mode The Beneath is set to. Current modes are:
grue: Grues spawn in the darkness
darkness: You take damage while in dark areas
Minecraft restart required!

 Check the spoiler below for some potentially tormenting configuration settings

 If you really want your players to hate you (or me, since I'm the one giving you this suggested configuration), here's a few tweaks that will make The Beneath somewhat nightmarish:
  • Set the Beneath mode to "darkness".
  • Enable the Whitelist in Grue, and add the dimension ID for The Beneath there (you could have it as the only dimension ID, or still have the Overworld ID there if you feel like it).
  • (Optional) set the Darkness damage timer to a low value, and increase the Darkness damage.
  • (Bonus) add some nefarious blocks to generate in the dimension (silverfish stone is in the default oregen configuration, but there might be more things to use depending on what mods you have installed).

This will make the dimension more difficult (since it combines Grue spawning and Darkness damage), and with the right tools, there's probably even more evil things you can put together (if you had a mod that allowed you to prevent players from placing specific blocks in specific dimensions, you could enable Additional Dimension Teleportation, then make placement of the Beneath Teleporter available in some not very friendly dimension).


Ore generator format

The format for adding ores to generate inside The Beneath shouldn't be too difficult to understand, but I thought I might as well explain it. You can find a copy of the default configuration generated by the mod on the first run here. This is what the entry for an ore looks like:

"ore": "minecraft:coal_ore", //ore to generate, always "modid:name"
"oremeta": 0, //metadata value to apply to the ore
"source": "minecraft:stone", //source block to replace with the ore, always "modid:name"
"srcmeta": 0, //metadata value to check for on the source block
"veins": 32, //vein generation frequency (higher the number, the more veins will generate)
"size": 16, //maximum amount of blocks to generate in a single vein
"miny": 10, //lowest Y level the ore will generate at
"maxy": 246 //highest Y level the ore will generate at

 Entries are separated by a comma, and there isn't a limit on how many ores you can add to the file. Check the default oregen.json if there's anything else that isn't entirely clear.



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This mod may be redistributed as part of a modpack, provided proper credit to the author (me, Shinoow) is given, along with a link back to the Curse/CurseForge page for the mod. You are not allowed to redistribute the mod on third party websites (by mirroring the mod or creating a "mod installer"), and legal actions will be taken against websites found violating this.



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