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Mystical World's creaturesThis project requires MysticalLib for versions 1.12.2, 1.14.4 and 1.15.2, and Patchouli for all versions including 1.16.4. MysticalLib is no longer required for 1.16.4.
Mystical World is a content mod (for 1.12.2, 1.14.4 & 1.15.2, although the latter two lag behind slightly in content) that provides the backbone for projects like Roots, with more to come! It adds many creatures (picture above), as well as metals & gems (copper, silver & amethyst, currently), and other mechanics that try to stay as close to vanilla as possible while still providing interesting and unique alternatives.


As pictured above, from left to right, Mystical World adds the following creatures:

  • Owls! They currently cannot be tamed, but may become so in the future.
  • Silkworms! Obtain silkworm eggs (Silkworm Eggs) by breaking leaves. Each egg has a chance to spawn a silkworm when used, and over time these worms will grow and produce silk cocoons (silk cocoon) which can be directly converted into silk thread () or processed with a spindle () to produce even more! A good alternative, early method for obtaining string. They cannot be bred.
  • Deer come in three varieties -- does, stags (with antlers () and rudolphs, with adorable red noses! They also drop venison () when slain, which can be cooked (), as well as occasionally dropping leather. They can be bred with wheat.
  • Lava cats, as the name might suggest, are cats made of lava! They are uncommonly found in the Nether, where they can be tamed and bred similarly to an Ocelot (with the same wait mechanics) using blaze rods (), upon which time they will follow you as faithfully as a wolf, and fight even harder! In lava form, they do fire damage, while exposing them to water will turn them into their obsidian form, upon which time they will move slower but hit considerably harder. Lava cats take reduced magical damage, while obsidian cats take reduced physical damage; both forms are immune to damage from their owner.
  • Beetles are back in a more compact, shoulder-suitable size! They can be tamed with melon seeds and bred with melon slices. Tamed beetles can be sneak-right-clicked in order to mount them on your shoulder (see below). When slain, they have a chance to drop carapace ().
  • Frogs are akin to chickens in that they "lay" slime balls () every so often, and have a chance to drop them when killed. They can also be bred with brown mushrooms ().
  • Foxes are beasts of the forest and, when untamed, ravenous killers of rabbits and chickens. They can be tamed and bred with apples () and, when tamed, will become faithful protectors, similarly to wolves. When slain, they will drop pelts () which can be combined together to make leather.
  • Enderminis are found uncommonly in the End, where they are a neutral, non-attacking creature that, like their larger cousins, will still get enraged if you look at them too closely. Should you succeed in killing them, they have a chance to drop unripe pearls () which can be used to randomly teleport, or combined to form an ender pearl.
  • Sprouts are back in four different flavours! Purple sprouts are fond of aubergine (), tan sprouts have a chance to drop potatoes (), red sprouts have a chance to drop beetroots () and finally, green sprouts have a chance to drop melons ().

An example of a beetle riding on your shoulder:

Metals & Tools

In 1.12.2, silver (), copper () & amethyst () can be obtained from ores throughout the world. These can also be used to make tools, with silver having slightly higher durability & damage than gold, copper slightly less than iron, while amethyst is on par with diamond.

Food & Crops

Aubergine sprouts aren't the only source of aubergines! Breaking tall grass () has a chance to drop aubergine seeds (), which can be planted in precisely the same way as wheat seeds, grown and harvest to get aubergines (). 

Aubergines themselves can be cooked () and then combined together with other vegetables to make a hearty meal of stuffed aubergine (). Here's the recipe:

If Roots is installed, an additional recipe is added replacing baked potatoes with roasted pereskia bulbs (). 

In addition to aubergine, squid can also be slaughtered to obtain raw tentacles () which can be cooked into two calamari (). These can then be combined to create the delicious dish of Epic Squid, which, while expensive, provides a number of useful buffs:

Building & Decoration Blocks

Found spawning through the world are charred trees, lightning-struck remnants of something once-living but now dried out. These can be converted into planks, slabs, stairs, fence-gates, fences, walls and more!

In addition to charred logs, you can create mud blocks by surrounding a bucket of water with 8 blocks of dirt:

These wet mud blocks can be combined in a 2x2 pattern to make bricks. They can then be dried out in a furnace to make mud blocks/bricks, which can be converted into slabs, stairs, etc. 


In addition to charred trees, there are two types of structures which have a chance to spawn in plains biomes: the Hut, and the Barrow.


While being a source of thatch (which can be crafted with wheat and hay blocks), there's a chance that you'll find something dangerous lurking in the basement.


The Barrow is a larger structure haunted by the undead, but also containing the treasures of those once buried in it.

Other Mechanics

In addition to the above, Mystical World provides a number of mechanics:

  • You can right click a squid with a glass bottle () in order to obtain an ink bottle (), which can be used in the place of black dye.
  • There are also a number of knives (made from copper, silver & amethyst, ) which do less damage than their equivalent swords but attack considerably faster.

Getting Help

If you need more help, you can craft the Mystical World guide-book () with the following recipe:

This guide should contain all the information above, plus more, and be the most up-to-date way of finding out how various mechanics work! If you have addition questions, you can ask in the Mystical Modding Discord here.

With the release of Patchouli for 1.14.4, the Guide Book is again available, this time in extended form!


This project requires Patchouli and MysticalLib for both 1.12 and 1.14.

If you receive an error or a crash report that mentions a "ClassDefNotFound" error, please ensure that you are running the latest version of MysticalLib (for 1.12.2, this is 1.4.0; for 1.14.4, this is 1.7.0).

Additionally, please ensure that you are running the latest available version of Mystical World. You can see available versions in the Files section. Those for version 1.14.4 will have "1.14.4-" followed by the version number, likewise the same for 1.12.2 will have "1.12.2-" followed by the version number.

Finally, if you are also using Roots, please ensure you have the latest version of that.

If you have installed Roots and/or Mystical World via the Twitch launcher into a pre-existing modpack, you may have an older version of MysticalLib installed. Please see above for instructions on updating it, or press the "refresh" button on your Mod Pack Profile a few times and see if there is an "update" arrow appearing next it.

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