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Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons 2



Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons 2 is an official spiritual successor of well-known Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons modpack inspired by many RPG, roguelike, roguelite and dungeon-delving games and modpacks. It's an exploration based modpack with over 250 mods, 100+ new biomes, 12+ dimensions and dozens of new dungeons to delve and loot, ground or flying structures to find and bosses to fight. Level up skills; find new better equipment, relics or trinkets; build and decorate your base and go exploring to find a lot of new interesting! Everyone can find something for themselves in this modpack.
Progressive difficulty and scaling mobs with different attributes forces you to always be in shape in terms of equipment and skill. There are also a lot of options to gain more health to compensate.

Modpack encourages many different playstyles like

✔️ Questing - Over 1500 quests with useful rewards and shop;

✔️ Exploration - 100+ biomes, dozens of structures, dungeons and dimensions;

✔️ Nomadism - Backpacks, Bags, Portable homes;

✔️ Base Building - Tons of new construction blocks and decorations;

✔️ Farming - New crops and trees;

✔️ Cooking - Dozens of new food and drinks with powerful bonuses;

✔️ Basic Technology Contraptions - Basic processing and automation;

✔️ and a little bit of magic!

... but the main concept and focus is exploration. This was not designed as kitchen-sink modpack.

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Essential elements of the pack:

⚔️ Roguelike:

  • Level up stats (Mining, Combat, etc) and gain various benefits like increased health or damage;
  • Large amount of new hostile and ambient mobs makes the world alive and challenging;
  • Quests! Receive valuable and useful rewards while exploring or earn coins to spend in shop;
  • Find new different trinkets, curios, relics with different abilitites and rarities;
  • Random modifiers and rarities for tools, weapons, armor and even mobs!;
  • Scaling mob difficulty. Mobs grow stronger as you do;
  • Mighty elemental dragons with unique loot and items;
  • Game difficulty stages: Normal mode, Expert mode and Master mode;
  • Progressive bosses which makes gameplay more challenging;
  • A little bit of magic. Be a mage with Ars Nouveau mod;
  • Tons of new unique enchantments, new ways of getting them and leveling them up!

🗺️ Adventures:

  • New dimensions: Twilight Forest, Undergarden, Blue skies, Atum, and more...
  • New custom picked biomes;
  • Go nomad! - Some items allows you to travel continuously with your base in your inventory;
  • Different immersive storage solutions;
  • New crops and trees for every biome, insane amount of new food, drinks and sweets;

🏰 Dungeons:

  • Overhauled mineshaft, strongholds, dungeons, caves and other vanilla structures;
  • New dungeons and world structures;
  • Different stat bonuses for dimensions;
  • Whole new dimension dedicated to dungeoneering;
  • Various new additions to illagers.



by: Rexus

by: Deolegion

by Call Me Kevin

by UpbeatSnow





Files. All files created by the pack developer are considered as intellectual property and licensed as All Rights Reserved.

Quests. Since quests are the main and the most time consuming part of the pack it's not allowed to make direct copy of them, modify or change them in any way. Making it will not only violate the curseforge copyright rules but you will also lose all respect and support from the modpack maker, because of the valuable and not renewable resource such as **time** was spent on making the pack. Also, you probably will be banned from this discord.

Modifying. Balancing, finding conflicting mods, config adjustments, custom recipes - all that is the second time consuming part of the development. It's not allowed to build your pack based on pre-existing pack and reupload it somewhere else as it will be considered as interference in the gamefiles and will involve copyright violation.

LAN. There is no restrictions on playing the pack through LAN with friends if the pack was downloaded from curseforge.

Content. You don't need any permissions to make any type of content(Youtube videos/streams/guides etc) with my packs.

Reuploading. It's not allowed to reupload my packs anywhere. Multiple copies of my packs are being reported about copyright violation everyday on many platforms, including Curseforge.
Notice: only exception here is if you provide a link to Curseforge page, so people will need to download it from Curseforge directly. (this especially applicable for Chinese forums, where someone want to create a page about pack but provide a link to download it from Curseforge page)
All official modpacks made by dreams(pack developer) can be found ONLY on curseforge website All other projects are unofficial, unsupported and considered as license violation.

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