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This mod adds a single item - the XP Tome. With the XP Tome you can store and retrieve XP. It can store up to 1395 XP by default (can be configured), which equals to having 30 levels on the XP bar.



- Sneak + right-click to store XP
- Right-click to retrieve XP




Config (v2.0+)

max_xp - The maximum amount of XP points that the XP Tome can hold. The default value (1395) represents having 30 levels on the XP bar.
retrieval_percentage - The percentage of XP that the book will give back, as a sort of cost of using it. Example: If this config value is set to 0.75, and an XP Tome has 100 XP stored, attempting to retrieve these 100 XP will give back 75 XP. Note: This will not be 100% accurate, as Minecraft's XP does not use decimals.
retrieve_until_next_level - Setting this to true will remove only as much XP from the book at a time as is needed for the player to reach their next level.
store_until_previous_level - Setting this to true will store only as much XP from the player's XP bar until reaching the previous level, meaning only one level at maximum will be added to the book's storage at a time.

The configuration file for Minecraft versions 1.14.4 and above can be found in the serverconfig folder of your world.


Further Info

This mod was created by me, following a request by Shivaxi. It is based off of XP Book and was recreated due to a duplication bug in the original mod, as well as a bug which causes the enchanting table to reset each time the book is used. As this mod uses the same modid and item id as the original, the two mods can not be installed at the same time and switching between them will not lose you any items. I did not take any code or assets from the original mod. Yes, v2.0 is still compatible with the "XP Book" mod.


You are allowed to use this mod in any modpack.


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