Tinkers' Complement

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Tinkers Complement is designed to add features to Tinkers Construct in a modular way, providing mod compatibility and features to help with modpacks.


Mod status


This mod is currently only released for 1.12.2. I have plans to update it to a more recent version in the future, which will either be 1.18.2 or something later. However, since I am also the lead dev for Tinkers' Construct, this mod is on hold until the backlog of features in the main mod are finished. This mod will likely be a lot different if it ever gets updated.


Rundown of specific features that will get ported:


  • Bucket cast: unlikely to be included, was a bit situational and is trivial to add via an custom items mod
  • Melter: merged into Tinkers' Consturct. May add a scorched version in this mod at most.
  • Alloy Tank: merged into Tinkers' Construct as the alloyer. May add a seared version in this mod at most
  • Porcelain Casting: unlikely to be included, gating the smeltery controller seems better than gating seared bricks
  • High Oven: main feature of the mod, will get expanded with some new recipes
  • Chisel Chisel: unlikely to be included as Chisel does not exist in 1.18.2
  • Ex Nihilo Hammer: already in whatever Ex Nihilo fork the kids are using these days


Note these plans are subject to change.


Melter and Bucket Cast

A melter setup casting a bucket

The melter is a new block that works similarly to the smeltery. Like the smeltery, it can melt down ores and ingots into molten metals that can then be used for casting. Unlike the smeltery, it does not double ores and can only hold one liquid at a time, preventing alloying. The melter can be fueled using a lava tank, or using a new block known as a heater to run off furnace fuels at a lower temperature. Both the melter and the heater are designed for early game or to alloy modpack makers to more finely tune Tinkers Construct progression.


Another smeltery progression feature is the bucket cast. While in most packs it is just convenience, it can also be used to gate bucket crafting behind the melter or smeltery.

Alloy Tank

Alloy tank alloying Manyullyn

The alloy tank is a new block used to make Tinkers Construct alloys. The alloy tank is designed to be easier to automate than a smeltery and provide an option for gating alloying at the cost of the extra fuel consumption.


In order to alloy, the tank must have a heater or a seared tank of lava placed below to provide fuel. It can have up to five seared tanks or melters placed on the remaining sides as alloy fluid sources. Additionally, the alloy tank can be disabled by powering it with redstone.

Porcelain Casting

A porcelain melter casting a clay bucket

If Ceramics is installed, Tinkers Complement adds in porcelain versions of the melter, casting table, casting basin, heater, tanks, and alloy tanks to complement Ceramics' porcelain faucets and channels. This works as a decorative alternative to the seared blocks, and can allow modpacks to gate seared bricks without limiting access to melting.

High Oven

Manyullyn and KnightSlime armor

The high oven is a multiblock structure inspired by the original high oven from Tinkers Steelworks. It can be used to perform black magic scientific mumbo-jumbo to produce steel, knightslime, and pig iron using pure fuel chemical compounds and some fancy additives. Additionally, the high oven can transform simple water into a superheated fluid that can melt through soft metals in the original smeltery multiblock.


For more information on building the high oven, check out its chapter in the in game Materials and You book.


Manyullyn and KnightSlime armor

Normally, Tinkers Construct materials cannot be used to make armors, leaving to just the five vanilla tiers. Tinkers Complement adds three more armors to that list:

  • Manyullyn armor is more defensive than diamond armor, but has lower durability. It is a top tier armor requiring access to the Nether to craft.
  • KnightSlime armor allows the player to bounce like when wearing slime boots. It is between iron and diamond in protection, and causes the player to bounce more in all directions.
  • Steel armor is an upgrade over iron armor boosting durability, toughness and slightly boosting protection.


A chisel and a sledge hammer being built

Tinkers Complement adds several tools as compatibility for other mods:

  • If Chisel is loaded, a Tinkers Construct version of the chisel is added. It can be modified to increase durability, increase the in world chiseling width and height, and to add the iChisel interface.
  • If Ex Nihilo is loaded, the sledge hammer is added as a method to perform Ex Nihilo hammer recipes. All mining modifiers are applicable to the sledge hammer, though some like a silky jewel are not very practical.

More information

Feel free to use to use this mod in a mod pack, provided you link back to this page somewhere in the description (if distributing though CurseForge it automatically links mod dependencies). For more information, come discuss the mod on the SlimeKnights discord.


If you want to support me on Patreon, use the following link: