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Jack-O'-Launcher is a mod I created for the 2018 MMD Spooky Jam, inspired by the Jack 'O Lantern Launcher from Terraria. It features 2 new items, the Jack o'Launcher and Jack o'Launcher Ammo. The Jack o'Launcher can (as its name implies) launch Jack o'Launcher Ammo the player has in their inventory, which can have a wide variety of effects on impact, depending on the crafting materials used.



Jack o'Launcher:


Jack o'Launcher Ammo can be crafted by combining any pumpkin with any of the items below. Using multiple of these items will result in the Jack o'Launcher Ammo having multiple effects. Additionally, it is possible to include more than one of the same item to increase the effectiveness (only applies to specific items, see list below) This mod is completely compatible with JEI, so you can just check the recipes in game.
Ingredients denoted with an asterisk (*) are mutually exclusive and require at least 1 gunpowder

  • Gunpowder (max 8): controls the size of the blast
  • Fire charge (max 1): will set fire to the area where the projectile lands
  • Block of wool* (max 1): prevents the explosion from destroying blocks
  • Feather* (max 1): applies silk touch to destroyed blocks
  • Gold nuggets* (max 3): applies fortune to destroyed blocks
  • Slime balls (max 1): will make the projectile bounce once on impact instead of exploding
  • Iron nuggets (max 4): increases impact- & explosion damage
  • Ender pearl (max 1): the player will teleport to the location of the projectile when it detonates
  • Bone block (max 1): applies a fertilizing effect at the location the projectile lands
  • Splash/Lingering potions (max 1): will apply the effect of the potion when the projectile explodes
  • Any arrow, including modded (max 8): when the projectile detonates, it will explode into multiple arrows
  • Firework rocket  (max 1): Projectiles are no longer affected by gravity, explode after a set amount of time depending on the flight duration of the rocket, and will have extra particle effects depending on the rocket used



Several enchantments can be applied to the Jack o'Launcher, 4 of which are added by this mod

  • Unbreaking
  • Mending
  • Looting
  • Launching: increases the velocity of the projectile
  • Unwasting: decreases the chance of ammo being consumed
  • Reloading: decreases the cooldown time of the jack o'launcher
  • Blast Shield: massively decreases the explosion damage done to the shooter




  • Lykrast: Keeping FTBwiki up-to-date
  • Pyrofab: French translation