Embers' Construct

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All the tinkers' stuff in Embers. Literally. No, really, "every" casting recipe is now added to the stamper (with a lot of stamps). All mixing recipes (alloys) from tinker are added to Embers via the centrifuge (if possible). Also you can now melt a LOT of things in the melter. And now there is even support for Constructs' Armory!

Inspired by this lovely mod (and this is also the resource for the textures).

Currently there are all stamps for the default toolparts added.
You can craft them by putting Raw Flat Stamps in the Stamp Table and selecting a pattern, then baking them in the Kiln


Mod Compatibility

Currently this mod also supports:

  • Constructs Armory
  • Tinkers Compendium
  • Soot
  • PlusTiC
  • Total Tinkers
  • Tinkers' Survival
  • Tinkers' Evolution

Recipes also should be added for every mod that adds new materials to Tinkers.

Those mods got tested and worked:

  • Pewter
  • Taiga

Planned Support:

  • AetherWorks




You are now able to remove the recipes from the Tinkers' Smeltery:

  • Alloying (A few recipes need too much or give to much fluid and therefore can't be transferred to the mixer. Be aware that you loose those recipes if they are not added via a different way)
  • Melting
  • Basin Casting
  • Table Casting

This solves the issue of breaking other Tinkers' addons and not getting all alloying recipes when disabling the Smeltery Module (You remove the recipes instead of disabling the smeltery in total).



Because using Tinkers Survival and disabling the Tinkers Smeltery leads to a situation where you can't progress any further: You need lead to make the melter/stamper but can't make a pickaxe that can mine lead without having the melter/stamper. This is where the Bloomery and Wrought iron comes in: Using charcoal and Iron Ore, fueling the bloomery you can make wrought iron. This is a special type of iron which is easy to forge but has slightly less durability. It is usable in the part builder and therfore bridges the gap.


Bolt Cores

Making bolt cores is quite similar to the way you make them normally. Fill the stamping base with your preferred metal you want to use for the tip and put an arrow shaft also in the stamping base. Stamping this without a stamp will give you the bolt core.


Additional Information

  • Due to my lack in finding bugs and actively playtesting this mod (seems weird right?), I ask you report bugs here
  • You may use this mod in a modpack
  • Due to changes on how this mod works the versions older than 1.2.0, stamps are not 100% kept between version changes. But you should be able to reuse the already crafted stamps (as long as they are the default TC ones) in the Stamp Table.
  • This mod does not rely on CraftTweaker scripts or something like that!


Because I am bad at bug finding I solve them as they are reported and usually I try to fix them as fast as I can, and that is the reason why I sometimes have multiple updates a few days in a row and sometimes I wait a month. This mod is a passion project so I am sorry if I annoy anybody with sometimes having multiple updates a week.



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