Wizardry Golems

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Ever wanted more minions to command and fight for you and aid in battle? Or your own little terracotta army? Then allow me to introduce ...


An add-on for Electroblob's Wizardry, introducing modular Golemancy spells


This mod creates compatibility between Electroblob's Wizardry and the Extra Golems mod of Skyjay1 by taking the best of both - Spells and Golems - and giving it a twist!


How Golemancy works


Wizardry Golems only adds a few spells to the mod, which are very modular have a greatly different effect based on the artefacts you have equipped. Many golems have magical abilities and behave in a slightly different way you might know them from Extra Golems. This mod is not just a "summon golem X" from Extra Golems with a spell, it adds a great variety to how they work.


Update 2021.08.01 - Added Fire Golemancy!


The initial release - 1.0.0. - adds Earth Golemancy - which has 11 related artefacts to find, each of them alters the behaviour of the spell (effectively making it 12 spells stuffed into one). Depending on your active artefacts, this means Earth Golemancy can summon about 13 various types of golems. The reason why there is only one golem spell and many related artefacts is to not add a lot of "Summon X" golem spells into the game, that would be less interesting and feel bloaty. 



- Extra Golems: Most of the golem textures and configs in this mods are the work of skyjay1. This mod was created with the permission of the Extra Golems author.

- Thanks to Electroblob for creating Electroblob's Wizardry

- Special thanks to Hatbot for the mod idea and for providing the majority of the artefact ideas



-You can include Wizardry Golems in any modpack, just be sure to credit me and provide a link to this page - pretty standard stuff. You may make money off of modpacks via curseforge rewards or donations.


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