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Mowzie's Mobs adds a variety of fictional creatures to Minecraft, priding itself in unique AI, environmental and atmospheric appropriateness, and standard-setting animations.
Developed by Bob Mowzie, pau101 and iLexiconn.
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1.16.3 version requires Forge 34.1.42 or later, otherwise the game will not load!
The Mobs:

(FOHL-ee-ayth or fohl-I-ath)
These jungle-lurking plant monsters want nothing more than to eat anything that moves! They may seem like ordinary ferns, but they'll emerge if you come close. You can't get close enough to strike them, so find some other way of killing them! They drop foliaath seeds.
To grow a foliaath, obtain a seed and plant it by right clicking on grass or dirt. Every half-day for two days, feed the baby foliaath by tossing it a meat item. Then, it will emerge as a fully grown foliaath. Be careful: grown foliaaths aren't tamed and will still attack you!


Ferrous Wroughtnaut

(FER-us RAWT-nawt)
Lost underground many years ago, these heavily armored knights are not men nor are they statues. Are they guarding something? They have forgotten what. Are they waiting for something? They have forgotten when. Are they mourning someone? They have forgotten whom. All they know is to slay those who approach their chambers. There is only one way to damage a Ferrous Wroughtnaut; its weakness is for you to discover.

Only the bravest of adventurers would dare to challenge a Ferrous Wroughtnaut. Upon defeat, the Wroughtnaut will drop its Wrought Helm and its Axe of a Thousand Metals for the victor. Right clicking with the axe attacks in a large arc, and shift-right clicking will create a shockwave that brings targets closer to you. Neither tool can break.




Roaming the savanna, the Barakoa travel in small hunting packs. They are one with the masks on their heads, which cannot be removed. Some use bones as clubs while others use poisoned blowdarts. Each hunting pack is led by a Barakoana elite, wielding a spear and shield. The Barakoa make traversing the savanna quite dangerous, as they can surround their prey quickly and put up a good chase.

When defeated, the Barakoa will sometimes drop their masks as items that the player can wear. Each mask bestows a different, small buff.

Barakoa can also be found in villages scattered across the savanna plain.


Barako, the Sun Chief

Barako is the chief of the Barakoa tribe, residing in a stationary seat upon a throne in Barakoa villages. He draws his power from the sun, calling forth sunstrikes, solar flares, and massive solar beams. He can also create Barakoa followers - including healers called Barakoaya - from masks to defend him during combat. As such, his masked children revere him as a god. Unequipped travelers should keep their distance from his villages, lest they be smitten by his heliomancy.

Those strong enough to face and defeat him, however, are rewarded with his mask: the Sol Visage. This mask allows its wearers to breathe life into masks to create Barakoa followers. Unfortunately, the mask does not bestow heliomancy upon its bearer; this power is innately carried by Barako, and thus dies with him. Perhaps there is another way...?






Frostmaws are dangerous beasts found rarely in snowy areas. Their massive size, impressive speed, and powerful ice breath make them near-impossible opponents. If, on your travels, you encounter one sleeping in your path, it's likely best to take a different route and let it lay. The beast guards a precious ice crystal that can unleash pure winter energy when wielded.




These adorable crystal crustaceans live deep underground in caves and ravines. Sometimes called “living ore,” Grottols are prized as a rare source of diamonds. But only the quickest of adventurers can manage to catch them before they burrow away; grottols are very fast and surprisingly clever, even using minecarts to escape pursuers. Keep in mind that only iron or stronger pickaxes can penetrate their diamond shells.




Lanterns dot the canopy of roofed forests, glowing like jellyfish. Some cultures believe that these creatures contain the souls of the recently deceased. Others wish on them like stars. Adventurers, however, know that the luminous jelly inside lanterns is a great light snack that will briefly illuminate the darkest of nights.




Coastal cliffs are dangerous places. Adventurers tell of winged serpents called nagas with impressive speed and menacing acid venom. Though these drakes are evasive, a well-placed arrow can knock a naga right out of the sky; time your shots to hit when the naga is preparing an attack, and you can defeat it with ease.

Naga acid is deadly, but can actually be used to neutralize other poisons. The fangs they drop upon death can be used to brew poison antidotes and preventatives.




Future Plans

Pet nagas! Maybe rideable?
Pet grottols! They'll search for ores through blocks for you if you bring them with you underground.

Strongholder - Floating gauntlet that grabs, pounds, and swats to attack. Floats eerily through stronghold tunnels, maybe passing through walls.
Phoben - Fear spirit that spawns in roofed forests. Wields fear magic, a lantern, and a long, darkness-infused blade called Ej. Fighting the phoben will involve carefully but quickly deciding when to strike and when to block.
The Sculptor - A simian guru that can be found meditating on mountaintops. He will challenge players to complete obstacle courses made of floating rocks. Those who pass this test are granted the ability to wield powerful earth magic.
Forest Dryad - Will grant players her magic pan flute in exchange for the Phoben's lantern as thanks for defending the forest.
Biloko - Rival tribe of the Barakoa. Jungle pack hunters that lurk in the canopy before leaping down on their prey. Their simian features, ornamented headdresses, long claws, and glowing red eyes strike fear into their prey.
Nimbus Drakes - Flying serpents with clouds billowing from its head and wings. The clouds turn grey before the drake unleashes its lightning attacks. It circles an egg in a nest on the top of its mountain, which can be claimed and hatched by the player who defeats the mother.
The Winter Order - A league of cryomancers residing in a frozen citadel.

Large, scary insects in swamps, maybe large, scary frog-things to go with them
Anglerfish-like deep sea monster
Ents that can be created from trees using an item.
Golems that can be created from Geomancy boulders.
Snake Charmer - Humanoid desert boss that spawns in a temple structure. He can summon snake spirits by playing his flute, and can transform into a moving painting on the wall to dodge attacks and move across the room.
Just a plain dragon. I'd like to try my hand at this timeless monster concept.

Lava kraken in the nether

I'd like to add at least one mob for each of Minecraft's environments, and I do like suggestions! BUT I'm very picky about what I work on. Only suggest your mob if you can imagine players thinking, "I can't believe I ever played Minecraft without this in my game!". I will not add monsters from existing franchises, or just giant versions of real animals. I'm not interested in creatures from existing mythologies unless I have a really original take on it. No griefing or one-hit-kill moves.


Mowzie's Mobs License and Terms of Use:

This document will outline the terms of fair use of intellectual property (including ideas, names, code, models, textures, sounds) collectively comprising the modification "Mowzie's Mobs" for the video game "Minecraft". All assets and ideas present in the mod are property of the individuals aliased "Bob Mowzie" and "pau101" with the following exceptions: code present in packages labeled "LLibrary", code annotated through comments or filenames to credit another author, and sound assets edited from other media (specifics listed in "Credits" section of the mod description on Curseforge).


Cases of private use do not fall under purview of this license. This includes standard modded play, private modpacks, or customization through configuration files or direct editing of modded contents as long as the project, associated files, or related media content (i.e. Youtube videos) are not made available to the public. Any use of Mowzie's Mobs intellectual property that is distributed or made available to the public (via download, screenshots, video media platforms, etc) becomes subject to the constraints presented in this license.


Credit Constraints
All use of Mowzie's Mobs intellectual property must credit the original mod by name ("Mowzie's Mobs") with some form of access or direction to the official mod page on Curseforge (found at this URL: Distributors may not claim authorship or ownership of Mowzie's Mobs intellectual property.


Profitability Constraints
Direct sale of Mowzie's Mobs content or assets is strictly prohibited. Ad revenue and download-link revenue is acceptable provided all other terms of this license are met.


For projects utilizing Mowzie's Mobs ideas, code, or assets, direct competition with the original mod is not permitted. A project is considered in competition with Mowzie's Mobs if it offers to players gameplay features or interactive content from Mowzie's Mobs on the Minecraft Java Edition platform. Modpacks are exempt from this clause so long as they contain sufficiently large amounts of content to warrant the redistribution of Mowzie's Mobs files for ease of installation.


Projects not directly utilizing the complete original Mowzie's Mobs mod may not present themselves as affiliated with the official Mowzie's Mobs mod. Such projects must denote their status by including the phrase "Unofficial", "Fan-made", or any other equivalent language somewhere clear and readable to players on any platform showcasing the project.


Alterations to the ideas, assets, and source code from Mowzie's Mobs are permitted so long as such changes remain faithful to the source material. This can include integration with modpacks or story-related changes for modpacks, adventure maps, and video content. Exceptions to this clause can be made on a case-by-case basis; please contact Bob Mowzie if you are planning more drastic changes to Mowzie's Mobs for a project.


The author of Mowzie's Mobs, Bob Mowzie, reserves the right to alter this license as necessary to protect his work in the future.


Frequently Asked Questions:

I wish I could respond to every comment from the community, but doing so takes up a lot of time and involves answering a lot of the same questions repeatedly. As such, I've listed my answers to popular questions here and will no longer reply to questions answered by this FAQ.


My game crashed! What do I do?
Thanks for reporting the crash! It's very important that I hear about crashes so that I can fix them in future releases. But in order to help you, I need to see the crash log. Please upload your crash log to a website like Pastebin and link to it in your comment or Github issue!


Are you going to release the mod for Minecraft 1.16.3/4?

Yes! These version ports are my top priority right now.

Will you maintain the 1.12 version of the mod after updating to newer Minecraft versions?

Porting forward takes a tremendous amount of work and time, and porting backwards will take just as much. I will continue to fix bugs in the 1.12 version, but no new content will be added to it.

When will the update be ready?

I really don't know! I would tell the community if I had a date in mind. I work on the mod in my free time, which can be very unpredictable. I also don't know if I'll get stuck fixing a bug somewhere. I'm not a professional studio with a release schedule, I'm just a guy with a hobby.

Sources Used:

Some sounds edited from:

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

Pokken Tournament DX

Dota 2


Huge thanks to Oli from the Betweenlands team for creating the sounds for the Barakoaya's magic!

Foliaath textures courtesy of Monky (

Ferrous Wroughtnaut textures courtesy of Frenderman (

Very special thanks to RafaMV for his collaboration on animation tools.



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