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Finality Genesis is now on 1.20.1!

Click to go to the project page!

This means two things:

  • The 1.19.2 version is now in maintenance mode.
  • You will need to update to the 1.20.1 version to keep playing on the SMP.

We now have an official server provided kindly by Kinetic Hosting! It was extremely easy setting it up. Feel free to join through our Discord or just join through the Multiplayer tab when launching the modpack.

Features & Highlights

  • 🛠 The entirety of Create drawn out as its very own quest tree to help explain Create's many components!
  • 📜 Many recipe tweaks in other mods for tighter integration with Create's automation methods and bringing Create add-ons more in-line with base Create. This does mean Create is significantly more involved. If you don't like Create automation, then this modpack is not for you.
  • Only a few of base Create's recipes were modified. Perfect for those looking to learn base Create without base Create's constraints.
  • ♾️ Mostly everything can be renewed, but the process is not an easy path. Don't worry about running out of building materials!
  • 🏗 An architect's dream, there are so many building blocks to choose from!
  • ⚔ When was the last time you felt scared going into caves? Difficult mobs spawn after a certain number of days. However, the days are long so you should hopefully be prepared by the time that comes.
  • 🛡 Boss fights provided by Cataclysm and Aquamirae.
  • ⚙ Endgame is a logistical challenge. Can you figure it out?
  • Love shapez.io or Satisfactory? Then your brain will enjoy or hate figuring out the logistics of the end goal.
  • Guaranteed to run on Steam Deck with only 4 GB of RAM allocated at 100+ FPS.
  • Custom mechanics, fluids, blocks and items thanks to KubeJS! You will see a lot of these in recipes.


Finality Genesis has a tighter focus on Create automation and storage options while keeping the quest and exploration aspect of the other three variants of Finality. Recipes heavily rely on Create's crafting methods, so progression will feel similar to shapez.io and Factorio once the modpack is fully fleshed out. It is entirely up to you on how you will use Create's blocks to reach the ultimate endgoal: Creating Command Blocks & the Worldshaper. Will you be up to the task of automating everything to the point of excess to achieve this feat? That is for you to decide. Just remember to double check tooltips on certain accessories or you may regret your decision of ignoring them! I am not responsible for any permanent curses should you ignore them.

Important Notices

Here are a few important things that you should know.

  • This modpack is going to be an ongoing project and will likely never have a "finished" version. It is also not meant to be flashy, impressive or special with all the world generation or content mods in the world. It is designed more for stability than throwing in every mod that you can think of.
  • If the modpack's custom icons and assets have not loaded properly, then you did not install it correctly. I verify each update I publish on multiple computers and ensure that it installs correctly on different computers so there is no reason for it to be missing important components.
  • If the modpack keeps crashing on a fresh install, please update your graphics drivers for your AMD GPU or free up some storage if you are on a Windows PC! Minecraft requires some swap memory to be available.
  • Support will not be given if you have OptiFine or Oculus + Oculus Flywheel compat installed. By using shaders you run the risk of introducing visual bugs with Create, performance loss and crashes. Support will also not be given if you have installed Saturn, Pluto or Canary.
  • Mod suggestions are not taken unless if it is in within scope for this modpack variation. Do not suggest Mekanism, Thermal Expansion, AE2 or high-tech mods or mods that can be (or have been) replaced entirely with KubeJS (or other mods) or optimization mods that are unstable or do unsafe things. Create addon suggestions will not be taken either due to the majority of them being "cheaty". Many high tech mods also do not fit in thematically with the Create + Terraria combination.
  • If you are experiencing lag spikes while around Create's Steam Engines, disable Sound Physics Remastered's sound effects in-game by pressing the ` key and re-typing its name, click Config, and set Sound Effects to Off. However, the mod has been removed as of 0.2.0-rc3.

Old Notices

Sooo uhh... the new description is a work in progress because the test editor of CurseForge is painful to work with and I can't seem to get the look I want. Reverting back to WYSIWYG since markdown support is poor. Anyways, I must clarify that this modpack _is not_ finished and is technically in a stable beta state that's in active development but still able to be completed from start to finish, wherever you decide that may be. You may see some left-over markdown formatting...

- **Native REI integration has been implemented as of version 0.1.4 (see below) for a better experience across the board if you wish to switch.**
- **Version 0.1.4 has been released, please update to it!** **Changes from version 0.1.3 - 0.1.4 will be applied to all variants wherever applicable when I have the energy to do so.**Older notices can be seen below.
- This is the lighter variant of Finality with **no** magic mods like Ars Nouveau or Mahou Tsukai. Instead, you have Iron's Spells and Spellbooks.
- There are **no additional storage mods** aside from Cloud Storage. You have to be creative with storage management this time.
- ~~Modpack is far from finished in terms of integrating everything, but the foundations to proceed to the end goal are in place.~~ **As of August 2023, the modpack's foundation on Create is mostly complete. I only say mostly is because I'm still combing through recipes and seeing what can be changed to fit in with Create.**
- ~~KubeJS 6 has a bug with item quantifiers, so certain recipes will be easier than normal. Enjoy!~~ **This was fixed in KubeJS Create.**
- New updates and changes will be documented here: [Home | Finality Wiki (project-vyre.github.io)](https://project-vyre.github.io/finality-wiki/)


Server Hosting

Notice: This is for post 0.2.0 update release.

Need a server to play with friends? Don't want to go through the hassle of setting up a self-hosted server? Why not just rent one instead?

Click the link below! All orders help support me.

Click here to support my projects!

Instructions on how to set up Simple Voice Chat with Kinetic Hosting servers here: https://help.kinetichosting.net/minecraft-java/plugins/voice-chat
Instructions on how to set up Simple Voice Chat with playit.gg self-hosted servers here: https://modrepo.de/minecraft/voicechat/wiki/server_hosting/playit

Hardware Specifications

Please do not allocate too much memory as it can actually hurt performance if your system does not have enough physical RAM. As of version 0.2.1-build.50 a minimum of 6 GB of RAM allocated to run smoothly, though a memory leak is suspected.

  • The modpack can be run with a minimum of 4-5 GB RAM allocated for clients if you only have 8 GB of physical RAM available for version 0.2.1-build.41. ModernFix and FerriteCore together guarantee this. Only allocate more RAM if your situation is applicable to any of the following:
  • You have more than 8 GB of physical RAM to spare.
  • If you are hosting via Essential, then allocating 6-8 GB should be sufficient depending on how many friends you have over.
  • Changed the settings to the point that it requires additional memory such as rendering distance.

This modpack may work decently on laptops that have both a decent CPU and dedicated graphics to help with Embeddium, unless if your Intel CPU's SKU number has the letter U at the end. For example... i7-7500U which my laptop uses. It was able to run the modpack at 10-30 FPS as of version 0.1.3 with a GeForce 930MX.

Any laptop or desktop that only has an Intel UHD Graphics or equivalent GPU will not be able to run the modpack with smooth framerates!

Guaranteed to run on Steam Deck with only 4 GB of RAM allocated at a consistent 100+ FPS! Please use Controllable to help with controls in case you do not have a mouse and keyboard present.

For mid to high-end desktop configurations

This assumes you are using a desktop processor that does not use the ARM architecture. Tested in Singleplayer with 4 GB of RAM allocated, Intel i7-9700 paired with a GTX 1660 TI.

  • Current launch time as of 0.2.0 with ModernFix alone: 60 - 90 seconds
  • Current launch time as of 0.2.0-rc3b+: 60-70 seconds
  • Launch time with embeddedt's **Blacksmith** Java agent + ModernFix: 40 - 65 seconds
  • FPS range with Embeddium without Create blocks in the vicinity: 100+ as of 0.2.0-build.31
  • FPS range with Embeddium with an obscene amount of Create block entities while around active Steam Engines in my test world: 25-30+ FPS as of 0.2.0-build.31.

For low energy consumption laptop configurations

Tested in Singleplayer with 4 GB of RAM, Intel i7-7500U paired with a GeForce 930MX. Many new laptops nowadays are significantly stronger than this configuration now, just to provide context.

  • Current launch time as of 0.2.0 with **ModernFix** alone on battery saver: 200 seconds
  • Launch time with embeddedt's **Blacksmith** Java agent + ModernFix: untested
  • FPS range with Embeddium without Create blocks in the vicinity: 15 minimum to 25-30 FPS average, maximum of 40-50 FPS in ideal situations

For low end desktop configurations

Tested in Singleplayer with 4 GB of RAM, Intel i3-4150 paired with a GeForce GT 710.

  • Launch time of ~117 seconds as of 0.2.0-build.36
  • FPS range with Embeddium without Create blocks in the vicinity: ~30-50+ FPS

Contributors, Artists, Roles & General Credits

  • CelestialAbyss (Modpack lead) - Small Minecraft UI retextures, JEI and REI retextures, Blender assets
  • squoshi (KubeJS, Modpack Developer, D&D Bard, Pixel Artist) - Helped with my stupidity at times. Texture artist of the gold block. Please check their modpack here too: [https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/magna](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/magna)
  • MilkyFur (Artist) - Made the basis of the final_katana
  • Reveter (KubeJS) - Provided a script fix for KubeJS mishaps because NBT check on a tooltip script was not working as intended...
  • YT Mango (KubeJS) - Provided a script fix for KubeJS because item quantifiers were not working. Example: 9x minecraft:coal_block being read as a singular minecraft:coal_block in a recipe even though I wrote the script to require exactly nine coal blocks.
  • Lexxie Raven Black (KubeJS, Lady Lexxie Black on the KubeJS Discord) - Provided a script fix for the same problem above.
  • KostromDan (Developer of NetJS) - Thank you for developing NetJS, it is a very useful tool for modpack maintenance!
  • Lat & Max (Developers of KubeJS) - Thank you for developing KubeJS as a whole.
  • embeddedt (TauMC wheel and Destroyer of Load Times) - Thank you for developing ModernFix, Embeddium and the Blacksmith Java agent. This modpack would not be able to be as fast and as light on memory usage as it is currently without your mods.
  • Nolij (TauMC wheel and the mad man who developed Zume) - Thank you for developing Zume, the most over-engineered zoom mod out there and not experiencing aneurysms with my findings related to the config never reloading.
  • malte0811 - For developing FerriteCore.
  • Create Team - For providing the basis of the Precision Mechanism and the Create mod.
  • Cjbeards (Music Composer)
  • Farabi Hasan Music (Music Composer)
  • R3 Music Box (Music Composer)


The answers below apply as of January 2024.

Why does the menu look nothing like what is shown in the gallery?

If the modpack loads up without a customized menu layout, then your launcher has installed it incorrectly. Please use either Prism Launcher, the CurseForge app, or GDLauncher Carbon to install the modpack in addition to updating it automatically with little effort! DO NOT USE THE VANILLA MINECRAFT LAUNCHER!

Why is JEI's panel located on the bottom right corner? Why is JEI's bookmark panel so small?

This is to reduce mouse travel distance from JEI's navigation buttons and the inventory GUI. This may not make sense from a player stand point, but from a a UX designer's perspective it makes sense. As for the small bookmarks menu, it is to prevent Item Zoom from flickering in and out of existence.

Can I use / reuse the modpack's resourcepack?

  • NO. You are prohibited from using the modpack's custom textures and models outside the Finality modpack series until a resourcepack is officially made. I am also fully aware that people like stealing assets and publishing it as their own and have personally experienced this many times.
  • As for the published resourcepacks from Lat, Frawzy and CreativeMD that were bundled with the modpack, yes you can use them.

Why use ESSENTIAL for world hosting?

It has more features that are *free* than just world hosting such as:

  • Being able to send private messages in-game. You can even share screenshots with the same messaging system as well!
  • Built-in screenshot manager with cropping and the ability to draw on your screenshots in-game.
  • Out of the box compatibility with Simple Voice Chat when hosting with friends.
  • Simply be invited once by your friend and be able to join whenever the world is loaded up without the constant copy-pasting and sharing links.
  • Not just a LAN world, allows for the full suite of server management utilities. Basically, you can have cheats enabled but you have to op someone in order for them to use commands.

How do I get started?

Use the FTB Quests quest node network which is easily accessible by either using the in-game Quest Book or opening your inventory screen and clicking the Quest Book icon on the top left corner of the screen. I spent a lot of time trying to organize it visually for ease and have added explanations regarding Create. As for the Tome of Finality, it will be completed at some point, but I feel like it is less of a useful format compared to the visualization of progression that FTB Quests offers.

Images are not loading correctly on FTB Quests! How can I fix this?

Missing resources have been addressed post 0.2 and are applied by default, even after updating the modpack.
Outdated: Make sure you have Finality Customizations loaded in-game in the resource packs settings page and that it is always on top.

How heavily modified are recipes in the modpack?

I modified multiple recipes and will be modifying more in the future as time goes on. Edit: As of August 2023 the recipes on Create's side have been mostly untouched. Everything else however, you will need to heavily rely on Create's methods of automation. Good luck!

What is the purpose of this modpack? What was the idea behind it?

First, this modpack started as an idea inspired by automating excessive amounts of materials. Then the idea was cultivated over time and tested with friends. Problem is I am quite the perfectionist so it might be a while before I can consider something to be a "Release" candidate even though it is already stable. This description is temporary as I will be updating it over time, but that is the general synopsis of my modpack without spoiling too much. shapez.io was the main inspiration behind this.

Is a Modrinth port planned?

Plans to upload to Modrinth have been cancelled until they improve the Modrinth app's mod list GUI so you don't have to go through every single page of the mod list to check which mods have updates available. Using the "Update All Mods" button is not an option as there are times where mods shouldn't be updated past a certain version for compatibility reasons. Until then, no 3rd party ports are allowed.

Mod List

This list is applicable for version 0.2.0-build.31.