93,051 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 12, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Kiwi is a Minecraft library mod which adds utilities for developers. It will do nothing with game itself.

For mod developer, you can simply add a block or item by using module system and annotations. You can check the project repository for more information.



Use Kiwi to build your own mod!


Features for Minecraft 1.14:


Annotation-based registering, support you own custom registry as well!

Moudule system. You can choose to register items / blocks or not, according to dependencies or configuration.

Dump loot tables: Added a command to dump your blocks to general loot tables, filtered by regex.

NBT Helper: you can simply access to a deep tag using path like `helper.getString("a.b.c.d")`.

Re-texture-able block, and its tile entity, item and recipe.

Dynamic recipe infrastructure. Useful recipe types.

And more!