Eccentric Tome


Eccentric Tome

This mod adds a single item: the Eccentric Tome.

The Tome solves a single problem: managing all of your guidebooks.

The Tome allows many (infinite?) books to be combined into a single item and enables them to be retrieved when needed.


Craft the Tome in the crafting grid with a book and a bookcase


Craft the Tome with other books in the crafting grid to attach them



Right-click while holding Tome to open the book selection screen

Shift + Right-click while holding Tome to convert to the book for the block you're looking at

Left-click on air to revert a book back into the Tome

Shift + Q while holding the converted tome to eject a book from it


Single-use items added to the tome will still be single use!

Items that vanish or break (such as Tome of Helmets or Galactic Tome) will cause the Eccentric Tome to vanish or break along with all the books stored inside of it.


Translations and bug-fixes are always welcome! Read the guidelines for contributing and then open a pull request.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Why rewrite Akashic Tome?

Answer: This mod was originally created was because the maintainers of Akashic Tome released it for 1.18.1 in a broken state without any testing. I was able to fix it within a few minutes (the fix was two lines of code) and I opened a pull request. My pull request was ignored for almost a month. So, I closed the pull request and created this mod.

Question: How is Eccentric Tome different from Akashic Tome?

Answer: This mod differs from Akashic Tome in that it actually works for 1.18.1 and it does not require AutoRegLib. Additionally, Vazkii also hasn't put a license on the GitHub repository for Akashic Tome, which means that it's "all rights reserved". I personally disagree with that choice, so I rewrote the Eccentric Tome from scratch and licensed it under the LGPL so that people can copy and learn from it.


Vazkii for the original idea