Integrated Dungeons and Structures

544,475 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 25, 2022 Game Version: 1.19.2   +3


 FOR FORGE 1.18.2 & 1.19.2


Required Mods:



Alex’s Mobs



Optional Integrated Mods:

Biomes O’ Plenty

Guard Villagers


Biomes You'll Go



Farmer's Delight

Planned Support for Botania

Planned Support for Hexerei

Planned Support for Ice and Fire





    Integrated Dungeons and Structures (aka IDAS) is a mod that adds heavily detailed structures using blocks and mobs from Quark, Alex’s Mobs, and Create, with optional integrated with Biomes O' Plenty. I got sick of installing structure mods into a pack and roaming the world, only to find vanilla items and nothing of difficulty anywhere. I love detailed builds and Create machines, so I decided to make a mod that adds exactly what I’ve been missing. Beautiful and challenging dungeons and structures packed with lore that are fully integrated into multiple core forge mods.


If you’re new to this mod I highly recommend locating a Labyrinth, Tinker’s Workshop, Ancient Mines or a Pillager Fortress and playing through it. Those took by FAR the most time to build and I believe they are genuinely very fun and rewarding. Good luck!



    This version of the mod is not complete. There are a ton of planned features and the structure's code and looks will be tuned up over time. It also probably has some bugs. Report them in the built in issue tracker or let me know on discord!




Configuration and optional Integration:


To enable BOP integration, download this datapack.

To configure anything else, download this datapack

  • To change spawn rates change the spacing and separation in the structures sets. Spacing is the Average distance between two neighboring generation attempts. Value between 0 and 4096
    Separation is the Minimum distance in chunks between two neighboring attempts. Value between 0 and 4096. Can't be bigger than spacing
  • To edit biomes, edit the biome files in tags/worldgen/biome/has structure
  • To improve compatibility with other structure mods, add structures to the “structure set to avoid” list in each of the worldgen/configured_structure_feature files


Note: When using the global datapacks mod, if you’re using both the BOP and config data packs, you have to manually make sure that the data pack for bop integration is above the config data pack.


Features and Planned features:

Over 25 unique heavily detailed structures in the Overworld and Nether dimensions including:

-  Endgame level dungeon, the Labyrinth, found in desert biomes. Locate one by trading for a map to it from a villager. Contains custom Music Discs and a custom Boss.

-  MASSIVE Pillager Fortress containing all sorts of secrets...

-  Expansive Dwarven Style Ancient Mines

-  A true Create mod dungeon with moving parts out to kill you, the Tinker’s Workshop. 

-  4 new house structures including two abandoned houses, a brick house, and a small cottage.

-  The Bearclaw Inn, a lodge and stables for weary travelers

-  The Hunter's Cabin, a lonely Pillager's cabin with supplies of meat and animal hides located in wooded areas

-  The Hermit's Hollow, a small overgrown and hollowed mound packed with details inside

-  The Farmhouse, medium sized, very detailed farmhouse inhabited by a large family of villagers

-  The Fisherman's Lodge, a small outpost in the River with a lonely fisherman.

-  The Witch's Treestump, a small, atmospheric stump with potions and magic stored inside

-  Apothecary's Abode, a medium sized rather challenging house full of loot and magical machines

-  The Beekeeper's House, a lovely house for a lone beekeeper

-  The Treetop Tavern, a village centered around a welcoming tavern located in the Jungle

-  3 Sunken Ship variants, the remnants of this old captains warship is filled with loot and protected by Wraiths and Skelewags

-  3 Wizard Tower variants

-  3 Enchanting Tower variants

-  2 Haunted House variants

-  The Ancient Portal, a massive portal found in the nether or buried under the deepslate.

-  The Necromancer's Spire, a floating tower spawning over open lava in the nether containing all sorts of secrets and treasures.

-  Bazaar, a great desert market


Planned Features:


- Underground dungeon variants

- More Nether and End structures

Join my discord to make suggestions and vote on what structures get added next!


If you have trouble finding one of these structures, just start typing `/locate idas` into the chat and you should find a list of all the structures. For example, typing `/locate idas:castle` will find the closest Castle to your location.


All Structure Images

The Mighty Labyrinth, designed by CraisinLord

The Pillager Fortress, designed by CraisinLord

Ancient Mines, designed by CraisinLord

Wizard Towers, designed by CraisinLord

Enchanting Towers, designed by CraisinLord

Abandoned Houses, designed by CraisinLord

Castles, designed by CraisinLord


Brick House, designed by CraisinLord

Cottage, designed by CraisinLord

Haunted Houses, designed by CraisinLord

 The Bearclaw Inn, designed by Howester1984


Sunken Ships, designed by CraisinLord


Hunter's Cabin, designed by Howester1984


Farmhouse, designed by Howester1984


Witch's Treestump, designed by Howester1984


Hermit's Hollow, designed by Howester1984


Apothecary's Abode, designed by Howester1984


The Fisherman's Lodge, designed by Nirze


The Redhorn Guild, designed by Howester1984


Beekeeper's House, designed by Howester1984


The Treetop tavern, designed by Howester1984 and chloe2cu


The Ancient Portals, designed by CraisinLord and Nirze



The Tinker's Workshop, designed by CraisinLord and Howester1984



The Necromancer's Spire, designed by CraisinLord


Bazaar, designed by Howester1984


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What biome mods are compatible?

A: Most biome mods are compatible including Terralith, BOP, and BYG.



Q: Why are there so many dependencies?

A: Yes.

Q: Will you backport/update to ___?

A: I am not planning on backporting at all. However, I will always keep the mod up to date with the newest versions of Minecraft


Q: Does this mod work with other structures mods?

A: Yes all of Yung's mods, Repurposed Structures and more will all work with zero issue. 


Q: Can I use this mod in a modpack?

A: Yes! I would love it if this mod gets used in packs.


Q: For everyone who wants to live in the structures: How do I get mobs to stop spawning?

A: Try using the Magnum Torch Mod


Q: What features from Quark can be disabled? 

A: All of the technical changes and Redstone can be disabled without problem. IDAS uses all the building blocks though.

Q: Can this mod be only on the server-side?
A: No, due to its custom music discs and soundtrack

Here's an absolutely amazing video mod showcase of IDAS by KaupenJoe:



I’ve spent over 300 hours building and coding this mod. I learned Java specifically for this. If you've enjoyed my projects a ton, two great ways to support me are through Patreon directly, or buying your server through Bisect Hosting. Click on the above picture to get a server, use my code CraisinCraft to get 25% off your first month and enjoy playing with your friends! Set up is so easy, it's basically one click.


Click on the picture bellow for my patreon to directly support me. You'll get exclusive discord roles, chats, and get to directly influence the development of IDAS.



Special thanks to:

My two patrons, Hamez and Stefano Joseph! I really appreciate them

Howester1984 and Nirze, my partners for building many of the beautiful structures you find in this mod!

Cama, the author of the incredible music discs you find in the mod

Nighthearted, I took the original shapes from their castle build and used them in the Pillager Fortress. The block palettes, interior, and all the detail are my own though.

The Bisect Hosting team and especially Perz for making the logo for this mod!

TelepathicGrunt the author of Repurposed Structures. I used the files from their mod a ton for coding references.

My cat Fonzy for sitting on my lap while I coded this entire thing. Having weights on your lap really helps you stay focused.


Join the Discord by clicking on the image or link below if you run into an issue of any kind or have a suggestion, I'll try my best to respond to everyone and would absolutely love suggestions! Thanks for playing and supporting my mod!


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