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Easy Shulker Boxes [Forge & Fabric]

Easy Shulker Boxes brings some extremely useful changes to shulker boxes, making them usable from directly within your inventory. No need for placing the whole box on the ground for checking contents or adding a few item stacks! When you want to extract an item, easily scroll through all items in the box to get what you want.

And believe it or not, this whole system is driven by data packs! This allows essentially any item to be supported, by default this is the case for ender chests, as well as some selected backpacks and shulker boxes from other mods.

▶️ Like with the vanilla's bundles, click other items on a shulker box item in your inventory or the other way around to insert and extract contents to / from the shulker box.

▶️ Nicely see what's inside a shulker box item on the tooltip. Hold the Alt key to force the shulker box tooltip to render, even when your cursor is carrying another item or the shulker box itself. Great when interacting to keep track of the shulker box contents you are inserting into / extracting from.

▶️ While hovering over a shulker box item, use your scroll wheel to select to slot you want to interact with. You are no longer bound to extracting the last item first.

▶️ When scrolling through the shulker box tooltip like that, a second tooltip will appear to the left side of the shulker box item for the slot in the shulker box tooltip you have currently selected. Great for e.g. distinguishing enchanted tools from each other!

▶️ While carrying a shulker box item with your cursor, right-click + drag across multiple slots to insert items into the shulker box or extract items from it when the dragged across slots are empty.

▶️ Hold the Ctrl key (Cmd on Mac) to enter precision mode; instead of inserting / extracting whole stacks only a single item will be moved. Use the scroll wheel to quickly get to a specific amount.

▶️ Observe a tiny indicator on shulker box items when your cursor is holding an item, telling you if the item can be added and if the shulker box already contains items of that type.

▶️ Check out the GitHub repository to learn how to add all those unique item interactions to any item from any mod you like, such as backpacks and modded shulker boxes!





Configuration is easily possible directly from in-game using the mod menu (requires Mod Menu by Prospector to be installed on Fabric) by installing Forge Config Screens.

When it comes to manual configuration all files are found at .minecraft/config, named as MOD_ID-client.toml, MOD_ID-common.toml, or MOD_ID-server.toml depending on the type of config. Not all types might exist for this mod if any.

Note that on older mod versions server configuration files are found at .minecraft/saves/WORLD_NAME/serverconfigs, effecticely meaning they must be configured separately for each individual world.

🌟 Thanks to Kir_Antipov for inspiring the ender chest feature from their Packed Inventory mod.

🌟 Big thanks to Grend_G for inspiring the way the tooltip of the currently selected item inside of another item's tooltip is shown from their Equipment Compare mod.

🌟 Thanks to MrNiddala for inspiring the feature allowing you to insert items to or extract items from a container item via dragging that item accross different slots in your inventory.