Villager Names

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Requires the library mod Collective.

     This mod is part of The Vanilla Experience.
Villager Names is a minimalistic configurable mod which gives all unnamed villagers a pre-defined name. This will name old and new spawns in the world. The mod contains a list of 5000+ names, one of which will be randomly chosen whenever an unnamed villager is detected. The profession of the villager is also visible on the trade screen. You can also use your own custom name lists, see below.

By default all preset names and custom names will be used. If you'd like to just use custom names, disable the _useFemaleNames and _useMaleNames config options.

_useCustomNames (default = true): Use the custom name list, editable in ./config/villagernames/customnames.txt, seperated by a comma.
_useFemaleNames (default = true): Use the list of female names when naming villagers.
_useMaleNames (default = true): Use the list of male names when naming villagers.

nameModdedVillagers (default = true): If enabled, also gives modded villagers a name. If you've found a 'villager'-entity that isn't named let me know by opening an issue so I can add it in.

The mod can also name modded villagers. Let me know if you've found a villager-like entity that's not named so I can add it to the list.
Mods currently supported:
  Guard Villagers by tallestegg_ 
  The Farlanders by ModdingLegacy
  All other mods which extend the Villager class.

Version 2.0 adds custom name lists:
When first loading the mod, it'll create a file in your .minecraft folder in /config/villagernames/ called "customnames.txt".

You can add as many names as you want to this list. Just make sure they're separated by a comma (the new line is not necessary). Make sure that "_useCustomNames" in the config is enabled, and if you want disable the other pre-defined list of names the mod contains.

Because it's difficult to determine the profession of a named villager:

The mod also adds the profession on the trade screen: