Structure Essentials[Forge/Fabric]

  • Fixes structure locating to be much faster, reduces server lagspikes when e.g. looting a chest with a treasure map
  • Adds a timeout to structure locating, to prevent it taking too long and crashing the server
  • Debug logging for structure placement
  • Additional logging for structure placement errors
  • Command to list nearby structures (/structureessentials getStructuresNearby)
  • Command to list Tags for a Biome (/structureessentials getBiomeTags)
  • Command to list Biomes for a Tag (/structureessentials getBiomesForTag)
  • Command to list similar Biomes and Tags for a given biome (/structureessentials getSimilarForBiome)
  • Prevent crashes for structure mod updates
  • Prevent crashes of LegacyRandomSource errors

Requires Cupboard dependency to be installed in newer versions

  • Configure structure search timeout
  • Toggle fast structure search on/off
  • Enable structure placement debug logging
  • Toggle crash prevention changes

No known incompatibilities, should work fine with any mod.

Only required on serverside.

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