Lil' Wings

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Lil' Wings is a mod for Minecraft 1.18.2 Forge and Fabric. It seeks to add new kinds of butterflies to your world that can help you in many situations!



This mod adds 12 new butterflies, 50+ new items, and a handful of blocks that lighten up your world with new butterfly related content to play with.


Each butterfly has a unique function when captured and let into a glass jar. Glass jars can be placed into the world by simply shift right clicking a glass bottle onto the ground. You can let a butterfly go inside a jar by right clicking them with a net and then right clicking a glass jar with the filled net. They will help you by performing special actions inside jars, which can range from anything to transformation of blocks, picking up items, or healing surrounding players. More information on each book can be found in "The Great Butter Book" once you install Patchouli


This wonderful video by SirColor shows all the features in Lil'Wings