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Crafting Automat


This mod adds a single block to the game: the Crafting Automat.

• Autocrafts a recipe when it receives a redstone pulse.
• Dispenses the result into any adjacent container.
• Stays true to the vanilla experience.
• Also works like a normal crafting table with persistent inventory.

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Getting Started


Versions 1.1.x and below replace planks with end stone.

Lay out items in the matrix to form a recipe. Put ingredients in the bottom 9 slots. Apply a redstone pulse. Repeat.


The old showcase for versions 1.1.x and below can be found on Youtube. Note that these older versions will not always keep the recipe.

Tips for automation
• The redstone triggering conditions are the same as a dropper.
• Use hoppers or pipes to interact with the faces:
- Front face: will receive the recipe output
- Bottom face: extract items from the internal storage.
- Other faces: insert items to the internal storage.
• There is an internal crafting time of 8 game ticks with a 16 tick cooldown period. Both can be configured in the config file.
• A comparator detects how many recipes can be crafted. Every unit increase in redstone power (RP) needs double the number of the recipes. So 1 RP = 1 recipe, 2 RP = 2 recipes, 3 RP = 4 recipes, 4 RP = 8 recipes, etc.
• Items don't need to be exactly what's in the matrix. If you put oak planks in the matrix to craft sticks, the Automat will still work with spruce planks as ingredients.
• Left-over items such as buckets for crafting cake are put back in the internal storage after crafting.

Happy auto-crafting!



Crafting Automat is licensed under GNU GPL2.
You are free to tinker with and spread this software, so long as you license it on the same terms and mention me.
Block texture adapted from the Chisel mod by tterrag, Drullkus, and minecreatr.

The source is available on Github.