Ad Astra!

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Also Requires Botarium


Ad Astra! (translation: "To the Stars!") is a space mod for Fabric and Forge with a focus on technology, travel and exploration. We've got everything you need to become an astronaut: rockets, space suits, space stations and machines. Why not take a stroll on the Moon? Build a self-sustaining bunker on Mars? Go mining on Venus? The entire Solar System, better yet, Milky Way, is at your disposal!


Consider downloading JEI, REI or EMI for recipe viewing. Ad Astra! also has an in-game Patchouli guidebook called the "Astrodux," which will guide you through progression.



  • Five celestial bodies: The Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Glacio, in two different solar systems. Each planet expresses a distinctive flair, with specific mobs and unique materials.
  • Vehicles: Four rocket tiers for interplanetary travel and a rover for traversing the rough, alien terrain ahead.
  • Technology: Standard processing machines and generators, along with oxygen generation and distribution, fuel refining, water pumping, cable, fluid pipes and a rocket workbench.
  • Building: Spruce up your builds with over 250 building blocks, ranging from planet-specific bricks and stones to space station deco and metal plating.
  • An in-game guidebook, explaining everything you need to progress and prosper in Ad Astra!