YUNG's Better End Island (Forge)


YUNG's Better End Island

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What is this?

An overhaul of the main End Island where the dragon fight takes place!

Obsidian pillars, End gateways, the spawn platform, and the portal itself in the middle of the island have all been redesigned. Additionally, the dragon no longer spawns from the start - instead, it will be summoned once a player gets close to the bell tower in the center.

To resummon the dragon, the 4 crystals no longer go right next to the portal. Instead, you'll see 4 bedrock blocks on the floor inside the tower, one in each directional wing of the building. The crystals can be placed on these 4 blocks to start summoning the dragon again. That being said, we do actually still support vanilla crystal summoning positions, to avoid confusing players who aren't familiar with the mod.

The dragon's AI itself is unchanged.

To use BEI on an existing world, we've provided the /end_island reset command. Using this command while in the End will attempt to reset the dragon fight back to its initial state and replace any previous portal/pillars with our redesigned versions. But this command attempts some major things behind the scenes, so please back up your world before trying! Also note that simply deleting your End dimension files is not suffificient, and you will still need to run the command.

If you're having issues with the portal/tower spawning after using the command, such as the portal spawning under the island, you can use the full command /end_island reset true to attempt to place the portal on the surface again. But once again, back up your world before trying it! Seriously!


YUNG's Better End Island is intended to be compatible with as many mods as possible. The following are compatibility notes for relevant End mods/datapacks:

Endergetic Expansion

  • End Gateways in the Outer End will be from EE instead of BEI. Everything should still work properly though.

Progressive Bosses

  • Extra cage placement may be a little scuffed in older versions of Progressive Bosses. Make sure you're on the latest version!
  • /end_island reset command may not properly reset fight history/progress on Progressive Bosses' side of things. If you use this command, you should also run /progressivebosses difficulty set <player> dragon 0


  • Completely compatible on 1.19+. Not compatible on 1.18.2.

Ender Trigon, and Savage Ender Fight

  • Completely compatible


  • Stellarity
  • Valkyrien Skies

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