Create Slice & Dice



This mod enables a variety of features to create better compatibility between mostly Farmer's Delight and Create. While it is designed to work with Farmer's Delight, it does work without it and also adds some compatibility features for other mods.

Automatic Cutting

The Main feature of the mod is the Slicer, a machine similar to the Mechanical Mixer or Mechanical Press from Create. It automatically registers all cutting recipes from Farmer's Delight. In that sense, it is an automatic Cutting Board.
In order to use it, the correct tool has to be placed into the machine, using Right-Click. By default, only knives and axes are allowed, but this behaviour can be overwritten by modifying the sliceanddice:allowed_tools item tag. An example datapack which adds shears to this tag can be found here

Automatic Cooking

All recipes from Farmer's delight requiring the Cooking Pot are added as heated mixing recipes.


The Sprinkler is a block which, when provided with a fluid using a pipe, will distribute it in a small area below.
Different fluids can have different effects.

  • Lava applies a small amount of fire damage to entities below
  • Water makes the area below wet, making the world think it's raining there.
  • Potions apply their affect for a short duration to entities below
  • Liquid Fertilizer, a new fluid, applies a bonemeal affect to blocks.

The latter is meant to enable growing of Banana Fonds from Neapolitan without being dependent on the weather, but it could possibly have other effects on other mods too.

Overweight Farming

If present, some compatibility features for Overweight Farming is added.
This includes waxing recipes using the deployer, as well as showing the axe-stripping of overweight crops in JEI.