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Baubley Heart Canisters

Mantle (or Health Overlay for versions without Mantle) is optional but recommended


CURIOS(1.16+) or BAUBLES(1.12)    IS REQUIRED!



This mod adds back the old Tinkers' Contruct heart canisters in a new and reimagined way to become Baubles/Curios!


❤️Red Hearts - drop from hostile mobs

💛Yellow Hearts - drop from boss mobs (i.e. Wither)

💚Green Hearts - drop from the Ender Dragon

💙Blue Hearts - drop from Wardens (1.19+) or Evokers (1.18-)

(all drops are configurable via the config)


Each tier of heart can also be obtained by using crafting recipes utilising the previous tiers. It is reccomended to check JEI or similar for recipes to craft each tier of heart.


💜Soul Heart Canister - Can only be used in the Soul Amulet. They act like Totems of Undying that heal back to max health and once consumed they revert back to Blue Heart Canisters.


Heart Amulet - Holds all Heart Canisters in one slot 

(Bauble/Curio Type is Configurable via In-Game or config File)


Soul Heart Crystal: Crafting item used in the creation of Soul Amulets and Vitality Blades.


Soul Heart Amulet - Acts just like the Heart Amulet but can also hold Soul Heart Canisters


Vitality Blade - an insanely powerful sword which uses Heart Canisters to gain attack damage. Each Heart Canister increases the attack damage by 2.


Wither Bone - Crafting item, drops from Wither Skeletons


Relic Apple - Crafting item, craftable with two Diamonds and two Emeralds, can be eaten to gain Haste II, Strength II and Resistance II for one minute


The Warden has also been changed to drop Echo Shards, making them renewable.


Starting health can be changed via the config. (any value set to 0 or below will be reset back to the default settings