Friendly Fire

1,091,091 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 10, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Friendly Fire


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What does it do?

This mod will prevent pet mobs from being damaged by their owners. You can also edit the config file to prevent damage to baby mobs as well, however this is off by default.


Why would anyone need this?

With all of the new weapons added by other mods, and the combat changes in 1.9 it has become extremely easy to accidently kill your pet mobs. In many cases, being careful is not good enough, as they will still be hurt by AOE effects.


What if I want to kill a protected mob?

If you sneak, the mob will not be protected.


Does this run on servers?

Yes, you can install this mod on a server. Furthermore, this mod is actually client-side optional, meaning you can install it on your servers, and players will not need the mod to connect. 


Will this work with modded pets as well?

It should work for most, if not all of them. 


The mob still shows a red hit effect, why?

Forge's hook for reacting to damage doesn't account for the client side hit effects. This is a known issue in Forge. The mob is not actually losing healt though. 


This mod is dedicated to Fido.