Friendly Fire

The Friendly Fire mod will protect your pets and other vulnerable mobs from accidental damage. With this mod installed you will no longer need to worry about your pets jumping in front of your attacks or an accidental missclick with a weapon.


Why would anyone need this?
Many players have issues with accidentally attacking their pets. This often happens during combat where the pet will jump in the way of an enemy. Some players also have issues with missclicking when trying to feed their pets food. For these reasons players often choose to leave their pets behind rather than taking them along on adventures. This mod aims to resolve this in a way that does not make pets unbalanced or overpowered.

How does it work?
After installing this mod pets will be immune to attacks from their owners. Pets will also be immune to damage from pets that have the same owner as them. Additionally baby animals will also be immune to attacks from all sources. If you need to kill a protected mob for some reason simply sneak/crouch while performing the attack. The mod also provides configuration options which can be used to change or disable the types of mobs that are protected.

Does this work with modded pets?
Yes modded pets should work fine. If a modded pet is not protected it is because the mod developer has not defined the entity as an ownable pet in the game code.



This mod provides several datapack entity tags to help improve the configuration of the mod. Datapacks are a very flexible way to configure the game and allow players, servers, other mods, and modpacks to configure certain properties.

  • friendlyfire:bypass_pet - This is an item tag that allows items to bypass pet protections.
  • friendlyfire:bypass_all - This is an item tag that allows items to bypass all protections offered by the mod.
  • friendlyfire:general_protection - This is an entity tag that allows other mobs to be granted protection from combat damage.

This example datapack will add villagers and wandering villagers to the protection list. When working with datapacks it is highly recommended to use a mod like Open Loader that simplifies the process of installing datapacks.



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