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Wildfire's Female Gender Mod (Forge)


Note: The Forge version is no longer actively maintained by me. The community has been generous enough to provide updates to newer versions for it, but if they stop this version will probably stop getting updates.

I am, however, still actively working on the Fabric version, located below!

Click Here For Fabric Version!


The mod's primary purpose is to add breasts to your Minecraft player to give it a more unique appearance than the generic model.

Client Only (Server required for settings to sync)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Could you change the player model's height or give it more curvy looking hips?

A: I'll think about it, but probably not. I don't particularly want to edit the base game features. The breast model is an added layer to the default model. If I were to do a waist/torso thing it would be editing the player model. It would also probably break compatibility with a lot more mods as well.

Q: Will you downgrade the mod to anything below 1.16.4/5?

A: I have no plans on downgrading to anything below 1.16. A lot has changed in the game code between those versions, and it would be a lot of work since I'd be essentially rewriting the mod for each earlier version... As it stands I have to manage "2 mods" (Forge/Fabric) and that's enough work in and of itself.


Q: Can we get bigger boobs?

A: No.



  • G - Open Wildfire's Gender Menu