Enigmatic Legacy

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This mod is designed to provide tools that will aid you in exploring seemingly endless reaches of Minecraft's worlds. As well as new resources, powerful gear and ancient relics - to reward you for doing so. Despite revolving around themes of arcane and mystery, Enigmatic Legacy doesn't stray too far away from what vanilla has to offer, instead attempting to expand upon it's mechanics and fill in the holes left open.

That includes, but is not limited to new tools, armor and weapons, dungeon loot, potions, enchantment manipulations, means of inventory management, means of making chunk-sized holes in your world, means of management and new applications to ethereal substance known as experience, 1000th implementation of item magnets, faster and more convenient ways of villager enslavement, and, of course, god-tier gear somewhere around the corners of the endgame. By the power of Curios API, there also are a lot of accessories, both classical ones like rings and charms, and completely unique types - like scrolls and spellstones.

New advancements will indicate your progress and most significant of your achievements in the mod. Every recipe can be unlocked in recipe book through obtaining one or multiple key ingredients, and most items have Shift-tooltip explaining their purpose, allowing you to learn everything you need to know in-game.

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 The Acknowledgment:

If you don't know what to start with, as of update 2.0.0 the mod now has Patchouli-powered guidebook.
It can be crafted like this:

Crafting Recipe

Create it, and it will help you seek  whatever answers you might desire to acknowledge.



The Acknowledgment:
The core and vessel of all knowledge, about this mod and beyond.

Enigmatinomicon: Title Page

Enigmatinomicon: Accessories Category

Enigmatinomicon: Mending Mixture Entry


An amount of classical wearables, equippable in Curios slots. Their functionality is vast and versatile - some will aid you in combat, others can help when exploring, building or mining. And some are here for you alone to figure out what kind of use you can make out of them.

Ring of Ender

Emblem of Monster Slayer

Heart of the Golem


Armor, Tools and Weapons:
Mostly in an attempt to expand vanilla material progression beyond Netherite, the mod adds new tiers of gear, available even later, making endgame a bit more meaningful. There also are completely unique tools and weapons.

Etherium Armor

Astral Breaker

Axe of Executioner


Advanced Brewing:
Enigmatic Legacy expands somewhat on vanilla potion brewing system (more details here). You can now create potions of ultimate power, which combine both powerful effect and long duration.

Ultimate Leaping Potion

There are also two brand new potions: 

Potion of Haste

Potion of Recall


Other Stuff:
Some amout of simply useful items.

Mending Mixture

Tome of Hungering Knowledge

Keystone of the Oblivion


New Dungeon Loot:
Almost all existing dungeons got new stuff in their assortment, both from Enigmatic Legacy itself and from vanilla - to give additional purpose and fun to exploration of them.

Dungeon Chest

End City Chest


Few Advancements:
Displaying your progress and achievements in the mod.



Few Important Things to Notice:

  • Most of the things in the mod are pretty self-explanatory in terms of their purpose - all of them have Shift-tooltip precisely describing how they work.

  • All slot types in Curios inventory, except Charms and Rings, are not accessible by default. They will be unlocked once you obtain any item of respective type, by either crafting it or finding somewhere in the world. You will receive special notification and related advancement once it happens.

  • Spellstones are not craftable - you can only find them in various dungeons, respective to the element they represent (for instance, Blazing Core can be found in Nether Fortress).

  • Since update 1.1.0, the mod has extensive config file with a lot of balancing options that allow you to set most of the items as powerful as you see fit, or disable some of them from being obtainable entirely if there's something you don't want having.

  • Yes, I pretty much copied Axe of the Skulltaker from Forbidden Magic. It's distributed under WTFPL license, similarly to my creations, and besides - not that it was going to ever update to these versions of the game.



Q: Any chance this will be backported to 1.12?
A: Nop.

Q: Will there be any further support for 1.14.x/1.15.x/1.16.x/1.17.x versions of the mod?
A: Nop.

Q: Can you please backport [whatever item/block/mechanic/feature] on versions for 1.14.x/1.15.x/1.16.x/1.17.x?
A: Nop.

Q: Fabric port?
A: I would be just as happy to reply with confident "nop", but things aren't so certain anymore. With the fate that befell Forge over latest years of it's development and all the issues that plague it across multiple Minecraft releases and somehow remain unaddressed to this day, Fabric may someday cut the gap and actually become a superior modloading API, as potential for that is clearly seen even now. I will have no regrets leaving the Forge behind then, but that day is yet come. In a while, I unfortunately cannot maintain two branches for different modloaders, as having to take care of just one already gives me enough headache - having the second one around would just drive me insane. For once guys, have mercy on me.

Q: Modpack permission?
A: Mostly yep, just familiarize yourself with 'Terms for Featuring, Redistribution, Copying and Modification' of Enigmatic Legacy License which this mod is distrbuted under.

Q: Redistribution policy?
A: Read paragraph 2 of 'Terms for Featuring, Redistribution, Copying and Modification' of Enigmatic Legacy License.

Q: How the hell you've moved from 1.7.10 straight to 1.14.4?


Mod Spotlights:

In Russian:
If you happen to be the bearer of great and mighty Russian language (as am I), here is a somewhat-decent Enigmatic Legacy spotlight I can recommend:


Important Notice:

As of 08.11.2022, Enigmatic Legacy is distributed under Enigmatic Legacy License, II Edition.
Check out the project's license to familiarize yourself with it if you plan to feature, copy, modify, redistribute or incorporate any parts of the project released after this date.

Currently Supported Languages:

  • English (US)
  • Русский (RU)
  • 中文 (CN)
  • 한국어 (KO)



  • frdovahkick, for amazing work over some of the textures in the mod.
    • SoulRacer65, for overhaul of some of the existing textures and a couple unique ones.



    You can support my projects at Buy Me a Coffeehttps://www.buymeacoffee.com/aizistral
    ...for which you can get a special role in my Discord server, as well as my infinite gratitude.

If you encountered a bug or have a suggestion, I beg you, consider posting it on project's issue tracker: Click
I would really appreciate if you post issues there, and not in the comment section on this page.
With bugs/crashes, I literally can't help in most cases without data requested in bug report template. Reporting them in project comments or on Discord server will likely just result in you being redirected to issue tracker or ignored. Also do not assume someone already reported the crash that just happened to you, the probability of that being the case is usually not very high.

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