Spice of Life: Apple Pie Edition


This mod is a fork of Spice of Life: Sweet Potato Edition, designed to reward players with numerous benefits for cooking large, hearty meals, and disincentivize cheesing the system with low effort foods.


Sweet Potato Edition (and the Carrot edition from which it is forked) is a great mod in concept, but has many issues in practice. It gives one food "diversity point" to every item, and rewards you for eating many different foods. However, because you must maintain your diet, it leads to eating many worthless foods to get your number up, like glow berries, spider eyes, rotten flesh, or even raw meat (which is the same benefit as the cooked version!). It also disincentivizes large meals, and eating during combat, because it's better for you to strategize your eating with multiple different items so that your number doesn't drop.


This isn't the intended purpose of the mod, and Apple Pie edition fixes that. It rewards players up to 5 points or more for large, hearty, modded meals that fill your saturation bar. The diversity contribution of the food scales logarithmically with the saturation/nutritional value, so eating big meals will give you much more points. Foods that restore less than 5 points of saturation will barely be counted, preventing the player from gaming the system.


The benefits and breakpoints have also been adjusted from Potato Edition to create a more fair early game. You won't be able to get six extra hearts on day one by eating stuff you found on the ground!


This mod is designed specifically to be used with food add-on mods like Farmer's Delight and Pam's Harvestcraft, and has numerous mod integrations with them, as well as other mods like Farmer's Respite and Large Meals. Easy vanilla foods like steak and porkchop have lower values, and you will have a hard time getting benefits without cooking big, modded meals. You should not use this mod without mods that add better foods to the game!


As for the rest of the mod, it is the same as Sweet Potato Edition, and has the same config and API format.